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The Best Ways To Exercise When You Despise Going To The Gym

The gym, much like Vegemite, is either a love or hate relationship. If you’re like me and actually hate going to the gym where everyone is judging the measly exercise you’re attempting to do on some machine you’ve never used before, I’ve found some other cheeky ways to get fit. You’ll probably have a more fun doing them too – bonus!

Park Bootcamps

Get researching and find group bootcamps that take place outside in your local park or beach. As well as having the guarantee that you’ll be dripping with sweat afterwards, you’ll also be outside topping up your tan and getting some much needed fresh air. None of this air con BS in the gym.

Beach Run

Yes, you can go for a run on the pavement, but it’s not nearly as fun (or challenging) as one on the sand. Go early in the morning and catch the sunrise, or the sunset in the evening (cheeky photo opps for insta here). Bonus points if you dip your toes in the sea and go for a swim in the ocean post run!

Team Sports

Ahh, team sports. You either hate them or you love them. If you’re completely unmotivated by even the thought of doing exercise (guilty as charged) then join a team. You’ll be way more motivated to go every week, and you’ll probably make a few new pals doing it. There are heaps to choose from too, at different levels so find one that suits you.

Go Dancing

When you’re out at the weekend, (or any day of the week for that matter) don’t just sit around eyeing up the guy or girl you’ve got your eye on the other side of the room, get up and get boogying. Those calories will be falling off you, and if you’ve got a bit of rhythm, you might even get lucky on the d-floor. It’s a 2 for 1 deal.

Martial Arts

From Muay Thai to Jiu Jitsu, there is a huuuuuge variety of martial arts available to learn. Whilst being physically demanding, martial arts is also incredible on the mind. Work up a sweat and manage your emotional health simultaneously. If you’re down for a bit of a fight, ancient methods of respect and an awesome community of people, martial arts is your go.


Like rock climbing without the ropes. If you wanna relive your most exciting childhood moments and gain some serious muscle, bouldering is the ideal physical challenge. Bouldering gyms around the country are on a rise due to the huge popularity of it. It may look easy, but bouldering is a legit challenge. Get on your gear and powder your hands, you’ll need some grip for this one.

Weekend Hikes

Grab a couple of mates and make an adventure of it. There’s nothing better than 1. doing exercise with other people and 2. making a day and activity of it. ‘Cause then it’s not really ‘exercise’, is it? Don’t go worrying about how fast you’re going, but if you want to make the hike more challenging, just head up a higher incline. You’re sure to burn a load of cals, and have fun at the same time.

Dog Walk (Or Run)

If you’ve got a really good doggo hanging around, even if it’s your neighbours that you have to borrow for a couple of hours, head out and take ’em for a walk. Dogs are a pretty good pacemakers and chances are they’ll probably push you to go harder than you would running on your own. It’s like having a free personal trainer by your side.

Physical activity doesn’t have to be running on a treadmill or lifting weights. There’s so many options to getting your exercise in with a more fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

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