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The Big Pineapple Just Got Bigger With New Theme Parks And Booze

If you’ve ever done a road trip along the coast of Queensland, no doubt you’ve seen the Big Pineapple. I mean, as one of Australia’s most beloved ‘Big Things’ it’s pretty bloody hard to miss. The heritage listed, 16 metre tall fibreglass pineapple has proudly stood in Woombye on the Sunshine Coast since the 70s.

Well, I am excited to announce some new and bloody brilliant news for anyone planning a northern venture next summer. The big spiky boi is getting some additional tourist attractions for all you pineapple loving folks. The ball has started rolling on a $150 million redevelopment, adding a zipline, adventure course, water park, craft brewery and glamping site.

Too bloody good, mate!

The Big Pineapple already has the TreeTop Challenge high rope and zipline for you to tackle if you happen to be passing by. This is no longer just a casual stop though. With more than 100 tree based activities, including a 20-metre-long zipline through the rainforest, the whole thing will take about half a day to get through.

But don’t you worry. With their glamping sites coming along soon, you’ll be able to make the Big Pineapple a full on destination and luxe night stop. Plus, with the water park on it’s way, not to mention the craft brewery and distillery, you’ll probably be looking for somewhere to crash after all that adventure and boozy fun times.

If you’re anything like me, and a lover of a Big Thing and a brew, this will be music to your ears. While there’s no current date of completion on this one, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out.

Queensland Summer road trip, anyone else in?

Image Source: EBT Travel News

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