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The Cats Trailer Is Extremely Cursed And The Memes Are Our Only Solace

What did we do to deserve this suffering?

The Cats trailer dropped a few days ago, and it’s taken me this long to write about it because it really just left me speechless.

What did we do to deserve the abominations that haunted us through the Cats trailer? What did we do as a nation, to bring upon this suffering to our senses?

Did we upset God, and this is our punishment?

And Lord, please tell me how, despite looking like an absolute fucking nightmarish shit-show, this film managed to get an incredible star-studded cast and immense budget?

How TF did this monstrosity of a film manage to acquire the likes of Judi Dench? And what the FUCK have they done to the most dignified and handsome man in the world, Idris Elba?

Is this a joke? Have the furries finally won? Or are even the furries repulsed by these things? Am I having a fever dream after falling into a nightmarish coma enabled by the equally cursed Sonic trailer?

Fr though, why is Taylor in this? Also why do the cats have boobs? And like, don’t cats have 6 nipples? This is very uncomfortable because now I am imagining Taylor Swift with 6 nips.

The only thing that makes sense right now is all the crazy bullshit Taylor Swift has been doing for the past few months, because clearly it was just to prep us for this terrifying vision.

Although, it failed. We were not prepped. We are all deeply disturbed, and here are the best internet memes to really capture the feeling of utter horror we are all caught up in right now. Hopefully these funnies can cure you of what I am sure is some medical-grade trauma right now.

Why do the cats have human noses? And lips?

They honestly look like creepy cat demons.

Also, if there are human sized things and cat sized things, does that mean there are humans?

Are the humans as freaked out as us that the cats walk on two fucking legs and have lips and noses and teeth like us? And weird furry geneatalia-free bodies?

Seriously, the boobs are weird.

But like, surely we’re just overreacting right? It’s just a movie, right? And can we judge the Cats trailer for the whole film? (Yes, yes we can.)

Cats releases on Boxing Day.

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