The Circle Of Life Just Got Sweeter: New Lion King Stills Released

The quality of modern day cinematography is goddamn mind blowing. Now I’m not quite one to lose my shit over some pre-release movie hype, but this is different. Generally, my cynical self will see right through the money-making, media-milking ploys of Hollywood but again, this is different. 

The Lion King echoes my most treasured childhood mems, and with such precious undertones, I will most certainly indulge in all the pre-release movie hype I can get my hands on. Cue Disney’s sneaky release of some top-notch movie stills that pull so violently on my heart strings, I need to take a few deep breaths. Please view these stills with discretion – have a few Kleenex handy, maybe take a seat in a comfortable recliner. It’s gonna be a tear-jerker, kids and boy am I ready.


Walt Disney Studios.

Simba, Timon & Pumbaa

Walt Disney Studios.


Walt Disney Studios.

Simba & Mufasa

Walt Disney Studios.

Pride Rock

Walt Disney Studios.

Simba, Nala & Zazu

Walt Disney Studios.

Ahead of Jon Favreau’s remake, set to be released this July, rumours are flying around that it’ll rake in more dollars in the box office than Avengers: Endgame. With all the hysteria over the final instalment to the current Marvel saga, I reckon this is a huge call I’m willing to back. The Lion King has nostalgic value unlike any contemporary movie franchise. 90s babies, rejoice in some quality nostalgia that brings back all the pre-2000 feels.

Images: Walt Disney Studios. 

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