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The City You Should Move To Based On Your Personality

Living out of home is something that is equally fun, yet stressful, exciting, worrying and fabulous simultaneously. From paying rent on time, to having a local pub in walking distance, to being close to work or uni – there’s a lot of deadly important factors when it comes to choosing your new suburb to call home.

And all of those things in a way contribute to your personality, your tastes and desires. So regardless of what personality you roughly fall under, we’ve picked out the best cities around Australia to move to based on all your little traits and loves.

If You Like Regular Brunches, Triple J Is Your Only Music Station And You Like The Main City, Just Not Living There

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So you love a cheeky brunch that’s within (relative) walking distance, or a short commute from your place? Well that’s certainly no sin. And while you make your way over to your venue of choice to devour all of the eggs beno (sorry, I’m just sick of the smashed youknowwhat references), you’re streaming songs that are on the regular triple J selection. You might work in the closest city area, and you honestly love a cheeky drink or five at the bars in the CBD, but god help you if you ever lived in the hustle and bustle of the biz district.

Well Redfern and Newtown (NSW) may be a good starting point. Both cities have certainly come a long way over the past few years, with plenty of local eateries and bars. They’re both out of the main city, but close enough to it when you need to make your way over. Fitzroy (VIC) might also be a good shout with no shortage of mid-morning cafe must-visits, and bars where you can sip on bevs for days (but also have a ‘lil boogie once the sun sets.) Bedford Park (SA) and Northbridge (WA) are also underrated, both with young populations and plenty of buzzing nightlife.

If You’re A Cocktail Lover, Instagram Is Life And If It Feels Weird Not Going Out On A Saturday Night

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We all love a cheeky Espresso Martini every now and then (don’t deny it gents) and good bar culture is often pretty damn important when choosing where to live. If that sounds familiar to you, you love a good old cheers boomerang on Insta and a night in on a Saturday just sounds wrong, we’ve got you sorted.

North Adelaide (SA) is basically in the city and will cost you, but you’ll eliminate basically all transport and moving around costs. Richmond (VIC) is the peak of all things Melbourne, bars on every corner and you will almost have too many options. Fortitude Valley (QLD) is a hugely up and coming area, with plenty of beachside and rooftop venues, Pyrmont (NSW) may not be as glamorous as you want, but it’s a fabulous location and close to transport options. And perhaps most importantly, a short stroll from the Harbour.

If You’re More The Quiet Type, Love To Read And Prefer A Dabble Of Vino Over A Bender

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A quiet life is often a lifestyle that’s pretty underrated. You tend to avoid expensive benders on the weekend, with small dinner parties and evenings being much preferred. There’s probably a good chance you’ve got a lot of books on your “To Read” list, and your podcast shortlist is no doubt overflowing. Wine is life and there’s a good chance you love your cat (whether you have one now or in the near future) more than most other people.

If this sounds like you, Potts Point (NSW) is fabulous for a city-centric spot that isn’t too crazy busy, Vale Park (SA) in Adelaide is just five kilometres from the city, but full of cozy little outdoor spots for weekend read-time in the sun. But greater Hobart (TAS) might just be the little gem here. Brimming with super chill outdoor spots, plenty of sneaky wine bars and an exciting yet not ridiculously hectic CBD, it’s a goer. 2018 Trial Leaderboard (728×90)


If You’re All About Health And Fitness, Live For The Beach And If Acai Bowls Are A Must

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Sometimes nature and fresh air is all you need, so you might be willing to sacrifice a smaller apartment or place and pay a bit more for the scenic benefits. If you need to have a morning dip at the beach, or just love grabbing a tan with a freshly squeezed juice in hand, start planning that move.

Elwood (VIC) is actually a wicked little spot in wider Melbourne. Although Melbourne isn’t really known for it’s beaches, Elwood has a few nearby options, keeps you close to the city and still has a lot of luscious parklands. Of course Manly (NSW), Freshwater (NSW) and northern suburbs of Sydney are all about the outdoors life. Places like Whitfield (QLD) in Cairns are worth a look, and Springwood (QLD) – which is in between Brisbane and the Gold Coast – is a sweet area if you are saving up to buy.

If You’re Poor And Just Want To Get Out Of Living With The Parents

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There’s probably a good chance that some of you just need to get the hell out of home. Mum’s judgemental “so when did you get back yesterday?” The morning after a big night out is just too frequent, you do most of the cooking anyways and public transport is just killing your life. But don’t let mainstream media tell you that you can’t afford to rent. Rather, some smarter choices are just necessary.

Strongly consider Canberra as an option here, friends. Forget what you’ve heard about the nation’s capital, it’s very decently priced, there is a strong millennial community, and the city isn’t too big so getting around is easy. Wooloowin (QLD) is close to Brissy, and has seen a huge millennial boom of late, while Mascot (NSW) might not be full of the nightlife you’re looking for, but is close enough and also right next to the airport for your yearly travel adventures. Landsdale (WA) and Walkerville (SA) also worth a browse and have been super popular of late.

Are you looking for a new pad to call your very own? Well whether it’s a cheap two-beddy just to get you out of home, or if you’ve moved up in the world to en-suite territory (look at you go!) Then are here to sort you out. Check out all of the latest properties across Oz right here, whatever your personality. From rentals to that first big buy, they’ll give you that TLC you need.

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