The Freaking OG Wiggles Are Doing An Over 18s Gig Support The Bushfire Appeal


Get your big red cars out, because your wheels are about to go round and round with this news. The OG Wiggles are whipping the band back together for a special reunion gig to support the bushfires.

Yep that’s right, Greg, Jeff, Murray and Anthony will be doing a one-off gig in Sydney, with the $35 tickets all going towards the bushfire appeal.

And the best part? It’s an over 18s gig! I mean look, we love all you under-agers out there don’t get me wrong, but there is just something fun about beers and the Wigz in one place.

Given the age situation, I have some key Qs:

  1. Will it be the old classics or razzle dazzled up for modern times?
  2. Will they be sporting the skivs or more dad-aged funky coloured button ups??
  3. Was the big red car a really complex euphemism???

Either way, it’s a really nice and genuine move by The Wiggles, both old and new. And let’s hope the place sells out so we can continue to whip up the donations required to help those affected by these tragic bushfires.

Tickets can be purchased here. And you can find out all the ways to donate to the bushfire cause here.

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