The Government Is Absolutely To Blame For The Bushfires And Here’s Your Proof

The LNP cut $35 million from NSW fire services.

Over 150 homes have been destroyed in devastating bushfires, and it’s only spring. Three people are dead. Many are severely injured. Hundreds of koalas were described as ‘cremated.’ This is the climate crisis. This is what the government was warned about. But nobody listened. And now, people are dying.

The Government Is Putting Through A Pro-Coal Bill Right As We Burn In Bushfires

NSW Parliament, who have been sending thoughts and prayers for the raging bushfires in their state, are at the same time pushing a bill that will weaken environmental protections.

If you thought that perhaps these fires would wake them up to the catastrophic environmental dangers we are facing, you are wrong.

The bill, pushed by Rob Stokes, would stop the courts from blocking coal mines that are dangerous for the climate. Basically, under this bill courts can’t consider the greenhouse gases coal mines will emit when approving applications, which stops them from being able to reject them on environmental grounds. And this just follows up on previous coal emission fuckery – i.e Scomo lying to the UN about our carbon emissions.

This bill is being debated today – the day that Sydney has marked as ‘catastrophic’ in fire danger.

The LNP Cut Funding To NSW Fire Services

The Liberal National Party cut $35 million dollars to NSW Fire Services. They won’t even pay to fuel fire trucks. Witnesses have reported seeing firefighters having to pay out of their own pockets to fill up fire trucks.

Now, people are being told that there aren’t enough resources to help them. Australians in dangerous areas are being told to evacuate on their own, and not to expect assistance, or even phone calls or door knocks alerting them that they are in danger.

Some people have worried that they do not have anywhere to go, or can’t afford to stay in other places. It seems that they may be on their own.

Scott Morrison Refused To Meet With The Rural Fire Services Commissioner About The Bushfires TWICE

The Rural Fire Services (RFS) commissioner warned of dangerous bushfire conditions brought on by climate change. He requested to meet with ScoMo in both September and April but was brushed aside.

Now, all his predictions have come true, as with the Bureau of Meterology and CSIRO, who also lot funding. And still the government refuses to acknowledge climate change.

The #QandA episode last night had students ask brutal questions on why our government ignored warnings of dangerous fire conditions – and they received no answer aside from the fact that the PM is “busy.”

How Many People Have To Die Before We Are Heard?

Instead of listening to climate scientists, fire experts and literally anyone that has any knowledge of how the climate works, our government has been fucking us over again and again by ignoring calls for environmental safety and constantly putting coal emissions over people.

How many more people have to die or lose their homes before our government actually gives us the climate action we need?

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