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The Guy Behind ‘Storm Area 51’ Is Building An Out Of This World Music Festival

Ground control to major Tom, beam me up!

Remember how, just last month, we were all gearing up to raid Area 51 in the name of science, and exposing the allegedly ‘hidden’ alien evidence?

Well, ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us‘ might have failed to launch, but the guy responsible for creating the viral Facebook has his sights set on greater stratospheres. He’s planning the next best thing to raiding a military base: Alien Stock.

As in Woodstock, but with Aliens (and almost definitely lasers, oooh).image14

Matthew Roberts is the jokester who managed to rally over 2 million Facebook users to RSVP to the joke-turned-marketing-stunt that’s now a music festival.

That’s because he probably realised that  99.99% of his ‘guests’ won’t actually try to take on the US Air Force. No, they’re more likely to march into the Nevada dessert for a free music festival celebrating all things ET.

“We want to host a Festival in Rachel, NV.. the closest town to Area 51. They can’t stop us from gathering and celebrating Aliens!” the website says.

He expects only 20,000 people to attend the out-of-this-world festival in Rachel, Nevada – a very small town of only 50 people. some locals are already involved – including Little A’Le’Inn, the town’s only motel/restaurant/bar that’s already completely booked for the event – by selling parking and camping spots for festival-goers. But others aren’t too pleased about the planned “party in the dessert” so, if you’re keen, don’t expect a warm welcome.

The event’s website says party-goers will “dive into a world full of live music, arts, and camping under the stars.”

Attendees are told to “expect a gathering that defines our current generation” in an experience that “celebrates Aliens and the Unknown” with performances from “headlining artists”.

But who are these artists? They seem to be part of the ‘Unknowns’. And though many “can’t be named due to festival radius clauses … we’ve been contacted by huge names wanting to play for the crowd!” (for some reason I don’t totally believe that)

But if he’s stuck for ideas, I can suggest a few. How about our country queen Spacey Kacey Musgraves? Or Katy Perry for a rendition of ‘ET’ or Sir Elton John for a round of ‘Rocket Man’?And surely someone has to do a Bowie tribute medley!

The festival says it’ll go ahead on the 19-22 September, and if you’re keen (and almost definitely going, you can’t just click ‘going’ and not turn up this time) expect some less-than-glamourous camping conditions. But, hey, check out the website for more details.

It’s an exciting time, and can expect it to go one of two ways – either it’ll be an out-of-this-world experience, or it’ll be Fyre Fest 2.0. And for the sake of Matty, Rachel (the town), and our generation’s love of music festivals, I really hope this thing takes off.




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