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The Home Alone Reboot Isn’t Actually A Home Alone Reboot So Chill

Please stop calling it that.

The internet has been crazy over the supposed Home Alone reboot that Disney announced earlier. Most people are just really confused on how the premise of Home Alone can even exist when we constantly have a means to communicate 24/7, and we have Google Maps so we can’t even get lost either.

And while, yeah, that’s a great point, here’s what’s really bothering me: it’s not actually a reboot.

The New Disney Movie Based On Home Alone Doesn’t Have Much In Common With The Oiginal

The new film isn’t going to be called Home Alone, or have ‘Home Alone’ in the title. It’s not going to be a sequel or continuation of the series.

Despite fans freaking out, they are not re-casting a Kevin. Archie Yates, a ten year old actor from JoJo Rabbit (a comedy/satire about Nazi Germany) is the lead and playing an entirely new character, who isn’t supposed to be a re-booted Kevin.

Archie Yates in JoJo Rabbit

The story isn’t even about being left alone at Christmas – it’s about a boy who steals something really expensive from the house of a married couple (Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney).

So, if the movie isn’t about being home alone and saving your family house from burglars on Christmas, and isn’t using any of the original characters, then why TF are we calling it a Home Alone reboot?

Beats me. But the film, whatever it’s eventually named, has a stellar cast – so I’m keen, no matter how negative the responses were.

Image Sources: 20th Century Fox, Fox Searchlight Pictures

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