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The Internet Won’t Stop Making Billie Eilish ‘Bad Guy’ Remixes

It was only a matter of time before Billie Eilish’s latest bop ‘Bad Guy’ became a meme. And boy, has the internet delivered.

The latest shitposting meme to take over social media has got Twitter users inserting seemingly innocuous (or some iconic) pop culture references into the chorus of the grungy pop song. And boy oh boy does the beat drop just before the beat drops.

Offerings so far range from the essential Simpsons and Spongebob splicings, to Star Wars and The Office moments. Even Victoria Beckham and our beloved Troy Bolton have made cameos in the memefied music video edits. And although some are better than others, either way, they’re bound to make even the biggest bad guys (tough guys, rough guys, just can’t get enough guys, so puff guys, or making mother sad types, girlfriend mad types, or seducing dad types [pls, no]) have a little giggle.

Here are some of our faves:

Leave it to the internet to make a weird music video even weirder.

Images: Youtube (Billie Eilish, ‘Bad Guy’ Music)

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