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The James Bond Theme Song Will Be Blessed By Ya Gal Billie Eilish For The Newest Flick

And she’s the youngest artist in history to do it. QUEEN.

2020 was already treating us to the third and final instalment of Daniel Craig’s Bond and it just got even better. Turns out our fave Billie Eilish will be following in the footsteps of Sam Smith and Adele – blessing us with a brand spanking new theme song. And she’s only just turned 18! Excuse me while I just re-evaluate my entire life.

The latest Bond film will be called ‘No Time To Die’ and we can expect the new song before the film hits theatres on April 3. Which means it’s only a 2ish month wait until to hear the new track (!!). Eilish composed the tune with her bro Finneas O’Connell who had a hand in creating her most recent album (the one that got a Grammy nod – no biggie). Is there anything this girl can’t do?

Insta was the site of the rumour mill before Billie was confirmed – she teased us with pics of Bond girls on her story. The Beyhive went into overdrive when Beyonce posted a pic with Bond’s signature drink (a martini in case you’re not cultured). Dua Lipa was also in the rumour mix.

With her predecessors both earning Oscars from their title Bond tracks, I’m sure I’m not alone in being super keen to hear Billie’s newest creation.

Image source: @DiscussingFilm (Twitter). 

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