The Killers Have Postponed Ticket Sales To Their End Of Year Aussie Tour Due To Coronavirus

Back into my cage then.

Well it’s another gig cancelled/postponed/ruined, and somebody told me (sorry) that we’re going to be expecting a lotttt more of this type of news.

Not to mention that The Killers set of performances were due to take place in November this year. NOVEMBER. That’s a solid 7-8 months away, showing that boy oh boy we’re a very long way away from any type of ‘ending’ to the current coronavirus shut down.

The band released a statement via their social channels saying that due to the uncertainty around the whole coronavirus situation at the moment, tickets for all end of year shows would not go on sale just yet.

Obviously while the tour is a long time away, it’s (probably?!) Likely that the run of gigs should go ahead. Given the time in between and all.

And if/when The Killers do swing down to our shores, they also announced a super wholesome act; that they’d be donating proceeds of their tour to people, venues and groups who help the service industry.

In addition, once we go on sale, we will be providing a portion of our ticketing income to local organizations who help people whose service industry jobs are impacted by the Coronavirus in each of our tour cities.

Let’s hope this tour can eventually get the green light, because we’re in urgent need of some really positive news.

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