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The Most Absurd ‘Stories Of Carrying On After Getting Food And Drink Wrong’ On Twitter

Its kinda sad how relatable they are…

We can always trust the people of Twitter to completely destroy our faith in humanity. This week on Twitter, people are sharing their worst food mix-ups. This trending thread is all thanks to one special lady who accidentally put hot chocolate on her omelette… If you’re someone who’s disgusted by Elvis Presley’s fav snack, the ‘Fools Gold Loaf’ (a hollowed out loaf of bread filled with an entire jar of peanut butter, a jar of grape jam and a pound of bacon) then these next menu items will not be for you.

Easter Eggs Gone Wrong

Take this as a sign that you should never give up coffee. Coffee IS breakfast (don’t @ me).

Green Eggs And Jam

Would you rather: jam on your scrambled eggs or hot choc on your omelette? This one is harder than the fingers for toes or toes for fingers debate!

Something Will Ferrell’s Character In Elf Would Do

Chocolate sauce should be it’s own food group.

Is Butter A Carb?

I really hope not for your friend’s sake….

Send Noods Pls

Honestly have no idea how this one is even possible? Kia, we have so many questions…

Can Marmite Please Be Cancelled?

Your first mistake was reaching for the Marmite. A bit of Vege in the porridge is nbd… Vegemite on EVERYTHING please and thank you.

Sugar And Spice And All Things NASTY

But I mean, I get it. Pizza can never be wasted – that’s a crime!


Image Sources: GIPHY, New Line Cinema

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