The Most Ordered From Restaurants In Your State For A Delish Feed

We’re always on the lookout for good eats to satisfy our never-ending cravings, and heck, have we got some dooseys for you. The most popular eateries and restaurants from each state have been revealed by Menulog, with real facts and statistics. So, there’s no longer a need to argue with the mate next to you about who’s fave place for a feed is better (sorry to ruin the banter.)

Here are the most ordered from eateries across Oz, plus the best restaurants per cuisine. So feast ‘ya eyes on the mouth-watering selection to come out of the this summer’s Menulog Restaurant Awards.


Earl And Pearl (Best In The Country)

These guys snagged the national trophy, and honestly, it’s clear to see why. This south side Sydney pizzeria is known for its array of froth-worthy toppings and humourous pizza names. Kevin Bacon? Classic.

Pear Thai Restaurant (NSW Winner)

There’s a lot of Thai food around, so much so that’s it’s often hard to take your pick. Well congrats New South Welshmen, you now know the valuable location of the most pleasing Thai food.

The Schnitzel Kitchen (Best Schnitzel)

C’mon, if stuffing your face full of Schnitty wasn’t number one on your list of fave things to do, you need to get your priorities straight. And this little haunt is sure to have you salivating.

Made In Italy (Best Tiramisu)

No dinner is fit without desert and it’s only natural that the Italian’s have you sorted. It has been proclaimed that Made in Italy will bring you the best tiramisu, good enough to have your eyes rolling into the back of your head. I’ll take five, thanks.


Shapparton Pizzas And Liquor Delivery (VIC Winner)

Excuse me, but this right here is the building embodiment of heaven. Not having to leave your couch for booze is one thing, but the bonus of a beautiful, steaming pizza coming right to your door should be enough to bring on real tears of joy.

Mr. Pabo (Best Wings)

Always on the hunt for the best wings? Look no further, the work has been done for you. You can get these succulent wings with chilli sauces and home-made chilli jam. Honestly, who cares about the diet, dig in. Just tell yourself you work hard and deserve it, that’s my usual mode of apparatus.


Li’s Noodle Kawana, Buddina (QLD Winner)

This gem has so much of a selection that if you ordered the entire menu, you’d be set for weeks. Venturing to the grocery store would be a thing of the past (until you ran out, of course.) Kung Pow Chicken, noodles and soups are just scraping the surface. So go and take a look.

Fiesta Modern Mexican Cuisine (Best Tacos)

Taco night is definitely a thing, don’t deny it. Not only are they hella easy to make, but they’re also super tasty. Fiesta Modern Mexican Cuisine will remove the work of making them. So, all you have to worry about is eating them. That fact makes them taste that much greater.


Mirchi (ACT Winner)

Maybe you’re scouring for a hearty curry to end the week on a high note. Mirchi has all you need for Indian cuisine, from the butter chickens, to the more intense vindaloos. Feeds for days.

Mills and Grills Pizzas (Best Ribs Grill)

Want to ruin your best white shirt? Or come to think of it.. any item of clothing with an abundance of rib sauce? It’ll be totally worth it from the hair raising (in a good way) taste that’s produced from the ribs. Just whip down to Target and buy a spare shirt.

South Australia

Red Rooster (SAWinner)

Okay listen guys, we need to have a talk. The rooster? Out of all options possibly available? Like.. really?

Western Australia

Forrestfield Chinese BBQ Restaurant (WA Winner)

For anyone who has yet to try the likes of Chinese BBQ food, trust me when I tell you it’s completely worth it. Just take the leap and order the crap out of the menu.

Putong Thai Restaurant (Best Mee Goreng) 

The way to my heart is through Mee Goren food, and I’m sure I’m not alone with that clearly. So head to Putong and order their staple for a cute little home date with the person of interest. If you don’t have one of these (feels), just order in and sit with your pet. They’re better company than humans a lot of the time anyway.

Northern Territory

Hong Kong Restaurant (NT Winner)

Yum, yum, yum. This fab little small biz restaurant is perf for a casual feast, you know those places where it’s so small, not the best aesthetic you’ve ever seen, but the food is obviously made so traditionally that you can’t not love it?


Ottomo Ristorante Italiano (TAS Winner)

Get your fill of pasta, lasagne, or if you don’t want an actual feed, eat all the garlic bread. You’re an adult who has control over their lives.. you’re allowed to eat garlic bread for dinner.

Jasmins Lakemba (Best Falafel)

You just can’t go past a Lebanese restaurant and not want to order something, especially a good falafel. Regardless of the status of your food preferences; meat eater, vegan or vego, you’ll all have one thing you can bond over.. going back for more.

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