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The New Ending To Dumbo Is A Confirmation That In 2019, We’re Doing Something Right

2019 is a minefield. If you’re not dodging political correctness, you’re attempting to please everyone at the sake of no one. It’s a feat achieved by very few, but when you can check ‘all bases covered and satisfied’ off your list of duties as a citizen of the global community, you know you’ve done something very right. Tim Burton’s remake of Disney’s Dumbo has joined this exclusive list of do-gooders. He’s done good and we salute him.

The 1941 version of Dumbo isn’t a far cry from the latest remake set to hit the big screen in a matter of hours. Director of the new film, Tim Burton, has cleverly merged the traditional elements of the Disney classic with contemporary twists through cinematography that’s truly spectacular. What he hasn’t replicated though, isn’t something to stomp and whine over. It doesn’t warrant an offensive Facebook rant, surprisingly.

In a shift from the traditional ending that sees Dumbo separated from his mother to later, amidst some twists and turns, becoming the main attraction of the circus, the 2019 version offers a different ending. Prepare to witness a narrative more aligned with anti animal cruelty rhetoric, one that emphasises a relationship between humans and animals through love, rather than one bound by captivity and control.

It hasn’t come without controversy though. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sent a letter directly to Tim Burton back in 2015, demanding he rethink the traditional themes of the movie. PETA hoped he would avoid condoning the confinement and abuse of animals that runs rampant in the entertainment industry. Thankfully, Burton read it and listened. 

Despite a few harsh criticisms on the film’s trailer by Rotten Tomatoes, we’re rooting for this more progressive take on the Disney classic. Also, Dumbo is painfully cute. Grab the Kleenex, this is gonna be a tear jerker.

Image Source: Movieclips Trailers, IMDb. 

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