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The New Game Of Thrones Episode Is A Mess And So Am I

Spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4 ahead. Read at your own risk.

Okay, there are actually so many things to talk about from this episode. A lot happened, and while it was better than The Long Night, it was still kinda messy and all over the place. And I’m not just talking about the Starbucks cup or the fact they forgot Gendry’s last name is Waters, not Rivers. There’s so much to talk about, it’s hard to know where to start.

Jaime, Goddamnit

Yes! Brienne and Jamie flirting it up and getting it on! We’ve been waiting for this arc to move forward for seasons! All I could hear was “it’s getting hot  in here, so take off all your clothes.” And… just like that, it’s dead. He leaves her sobbing in the rain, and it’s fucking tragic. Seeing Brienne cry was awful, because she’s always been super tough. The question is, what does this mean? Is Jaime running back to Cersei to be with her or kill her? I reckon he’s out to kill her, but he had to break Bri’s heart so she wouldn’t follow him and possibly alert Cersei to his plan. This is Why Bri should’ve dated Tormund. He’s a cutie, respects her and he’s loyal.

The Last of The Starks

Sansa may not be Queen of The North, but she’s Queen of My Heart. She’s the only one who seems to talk any goddamn sense in this show, and really understands her people – which Jon seems to be forgetting. Watching the two girls exchange looks in the meeting was so fun, I love how they’ve really shown us (normal) sibling relationships here. But also, WTF Bran? “You have a choice.” Well not anymore, now that you’ve made it super awkward. I am delighted that Sansa is basically staging a coup to take down Daenarys – because she’s right, the North isn’t loyal to her, they’re only loyal to Jon. Also, why is everyone just ignoring Arya’s strategic value? She literally just destroyed the biggest enemy of the North. I will never not be annoyed over this.

Rhaegal, Daenarys, and My Broken Heart

Oh my god, what the actual fuck. How did Dany not see that entire war fleet while she was cruising around on the dragons?! I can’t believe they killed one off, just like that. It doesn’t make sense – what’s the point of building up the dragons as dangerous weapons, and then destroying one in a second with some crazy arrows? Now they seem like easy targets to destroy, and it undid the entire build up of the past seasons. Where’s the logic in making them the main threat and then knocking them out in a second? Then fast forward to Cersei literally having the power to kill Dany and the whole fleet in one go, and she doesn’t? It’s very unlike her character to not wipe out her enemies, especially when it’s this easy. But honestly, the worst part? Missandei’s death. Watching Grey Worm, my actual son, deal with that is so sad and I can’t. Dracarys, Cersei. Dracarys.

The Game Of Thrones is Back

Omg, Varys you little snake. The whole time he was talking treason, I was paranoid that Dany was going to jump out of the shadows and shank him. Sansa’s coup, Varys’ treason, Cersei’s victory – it’s all building up to a Mad Queen arc, I think. They are presenting Daenarys as impulsive and unhinged, and tbh I don’t think that’s fair. She lost her baby and her two best friends in just a couple of days – of course she’s losing her mind a bit. It’s unfair to her character that they’ve decided she’s turning into her father. While I can see there’s some poetry in her turning into a tyrant while destroying another, I think she deserves better. That being said, oh the drama! Suddenly, Game of Thrones feels like how it used to, with lots of sneaky little betrayals and subplots.  Will Daenarys be overthrown? Is Cersei really preggers? The politics are getting dirty again, and I am keen.

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