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The Order We Reckon The Remaining Dudes Will Go In The Bachelorette

We’re down to the last six blokes and things are heating up.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and missing out on some v spicy Aussie reality TV), you’ll know that this season of Bachie is coming into the nitty-gritty end of the season. The stage five clinger in the mansion is no more and we are still mourning the loss of Ciarran.

But the boys still in the running for Angie’s heart are top blokes. We ranked them on who we can see going the whole nine yards, so even if you haven’t been watching you’ll be all caught up.

6. Alex

You might be wondering since when was there an Alex in the mansion, and fair enough. This bloke has had next to no screen time so far. We finally heard him pipe up when Jamie came into the cocktail party last week with guns blazing to avenge his dignity. This dude wasn’t having any of Jamie’s nonsense and defended Carlin against the whole 2020 Bachelor allegations he made. It was amazing. Though he defs seems like a top guy, I don’t think we’ve actually seen him have any solo time with Angie since the red carpet. His man bun is glorious, but we don’t see him staying in the mansion for much longer.

5. Matt

This adrenaline junkie made a killer entrance on the red carpet, but beyond a few group dates he hasn’t had much face time with Angie either. We loved the way he stood up to Jess (ugh) and backed the bros when Jamie was being all salty. But much like Alex, we don’t seem to see a whole lot of him? It doesn’t really look like Angie does either, so who knows how much longer he’ll be around.

4. Ryan

He’d been sliding into the DMs long before Angie’s Bachie days, so he came to the mansion as an intruder with an advantage. He and Angie share a love of puppers and keep saying they have a lot in common – but haven’t really said what this is? Ryan is defs a calming influence (most of the time), but we can’t help but wonder why he decided he was all in once Angie had been announced as Bachelorette. I mean, he had like a year of messaging and didn’t ask her out? Though he is a fan fave, he just seems a wee bit vanilla. The promo for tonight’s ep hints at some 50 Shades action with Angie but also snippets of a dinner table show down where Ryan appears to be on the chopping block. Which is just maddeningly unhelpful really.

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Ah Jackson, he’s recovered so well after the initial pie debacle. From cheeky-post-helicopter-ride-vom pashes with Angie and the adorable lil inside joke about teeth brushing he’s created from that, Jackson is in with a real shot. He absolutely killed it in the Dad Challenge last week and was super chillaxed getting his manikin kids to school on time (with all of their limbs @Jamie). He’s just such a good true blue Aussie bloke, ya know?


The 24 hour date at the very beginning of the season was a good head start but Carlin hit a bit of a quiet patch for a while there. No anymore – after last week he is defs one of the front runners for winning Angie’s heart. Jamie tried his best to throw off his chances but Carlin set the story straight and is back in the game big time. Angie does keep saying he seems ‘too good to be true’ so we’ll have to see if she can get past her doubts.


I will confess, I am gunning for this man to win Angie’s heart. He’s funny and he rocks fabulous hairdos/outfits. He also reminds me of a class clown who’s finally gotten to talk to his crush and we get to watch him adorably fumble through it in his own charming way. He and Angie had the cutest of dates last week in a rose-petal-filled bathtub after powering through a super fancy date that Timm was super awkward at for some reason. His solo interviews are chock full of top notch banter and he does a great job of stirring the pot in the house without taking it too far (most of the time).

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