The RSPCA Is Doing $29 Adoptions And I Want Them All

I adopted 32 cats and dogs, do you want pancakes?


It’s the best weekend of the year, with RSPCA NSW waiving their regular adoption fees for $29 adoptions from the 21st to the 23rd. Every single animal, from chickens to horses, are included, so start searching for the new love of your life now.

All NSW shelters, care centres, and NSW Petbarn Adoption Centres are participating but as always, it’s going to be a little hectic, so the RSPCA is encouraging people to pre-register because it’s first in, best dressed.


On average, about 100 animals enter the RSPCA’s care every day. Some of them have been waiting for their forever family for more than 100 days, like beautiful baby Larry, who was mistreated as a puppy and is looking for a quiet home where he can be the center of your world. Just look at that face and tell me he isn’t worth all the money mankind has ever produced.

I mean, look at these animals. You can get a turkey named Chad. Or Banjo, who’s deaf and looks like he’ll rule your household. OR SMOOSHIE!!!

You won’t just be able to grab whoever you want though- regular adoption policies are still in place, and the good people at the RSPCA will always make sure the animals are going to the best homes.

Start convincing your partner/housemates/parents now, because you’re going to want to get in quick.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to text my mum about the possibility of us getting chickens.

Image Source: GIPHY, Stan

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