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The Small Aussie Company Jay-Z Is Suing Is Actually Really Racist And It’s Gross

It took like, one quick google search guys.

Jay-Z has been making headlines in Australia for suing an Aussie company The Little Homie.

As 9 News reported, “Global rap superstar Jay-Z has launched legal action against a tiny Australian book and clothing retailer over alleged copyright infringements.” The white-owned company used his song ‘99 problems‘ (which, by the way, is about Black struggle) in a kids book appropriating Black culture.

Aussie media have been super biased in reporting this case, often making it out to be a story where Jay-Z is a greedy star attacking an every-day Aussie family who are just trying to make a living. Nevermind the fact that over a year ago, The Little Homie was served cease-and-desist notices which it blatantly ignored.

Upon reading this story, I can definitely see why people are seeing this as another typical story of rich people screwing over honest workers – except in this case, it’s absolute bullshit. It took very little research to see that the brand, The Little Homie, is actually a group of racist white people taking advantage and profiting off black culture.

The Little Homie Is A Racist Project To Begin With And Jay-Z Has Every Right To Sue

The main part of Jay-Z’s case surrounds the use of his likeliness in a book titled ‘AB To Jay-Z.’ It’s basically a kids book that uses 90s rappers to teach pre-schoolers the alphabet. Obviously no baby is going to actually learn the alphabet that way – it’s really just so parents can feel ‘cool’ and ‘woke’.

The whole premise of the book is racist, with the company using terms like “ghetto” and “hood rat” casually. Majority of the child models on the website are white, despite this “ghetto” brand image. It just screams ‘cultural appropriation’ and Black Twitter proved it years ago.

This enlightening read by Michael Harriot from 2017, in which he exposes the same company Jay-Z is suing now for being extremely racist and derogatory, pretty much explains exactly how messed up the company is. Using tweets from Black Twitter, his article exposes just how disgustingly the authors of the book have behaved.

Twitter user @sweetfacedinero did some research into them when she first heard of the company in 2017, and her posts are honestly so damning. The Little Homie was quick to defend itself, without having any genuine explanation for their cultural appropriation.

The White-Owned Company Uses The N-Word AND WEARS BLACKFACE

If you thought this whole thing couldn’t get more cringe, you’re in for a nasty surprise.

The people behind the company were caught in rampant Blackface, laughing and making jokes at the expense of Black people while at the same time profiting off and exploiting their culture.

On their Instagram account, the company actually posted a picture of a white kid while using the N-word slur.

The whole thing is entirely outrageous and disgusting. Jay-Z then sent cease-and-desist notices because the book used his lyrics and likeness illegally – which they ignored because clearly these people feel very entitled to whatever media they want, regardless if it’s theirs to use.

The whole Australian narrative around Jay-Z just being a vindictive rich man out to get some poor innocent family needs to stop – he’s a Black man trying to protect his likenesses from racist white people that have no respect for Black people or their culture. I hope his case tears them to shreds.

Image Sources: Twitter @_AustinB_, @sweetfacedinero, @jlglass17

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