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The Smiths Have Slammed Shane Dawson For Sexualising 11YO Willow Smith In A Creepy AF Video


Jada Pinkett Smith and Jaden Smith have called out YouTuber Shane Dawson over a seriously disgusting video about Willow Smith.

They tweeted out their disgust at Dawson after a video clip surfaced of Dawson pretending to masturbate over a poster of Willow Smith – who was just 11 years old at the time.

In the clip, Dawson is seen facing the Disney poster and faux-moaning “oh, whip your hair back and forth”, a reference to Willow Smith’s 2010 viral hit ‘I Whip My Hair’, as he mimics the lewd (and fkn gross) gesture. He would have been around 22 at the time.

Willow’s brother, Jaden, tweeted out his disgust at the clip.

“Shane Dawson I am disgusted by you,” he tweeted.

“You sexualising an 11 year old girl who happens to be my sister!!!!!! is the furthest thing from funny and not okay in the slightest bit.”

He also called out Dawson for “doing black face on the regular”, calling his followers, “the youth”, to support creators whose behaviour and morals align with their own.

The siblings’ mother Jada Pinkett Smith also tweeted to Dawson: “I’m done with the excuses”.

The family’s comments come one day after Dawson posted a 20 minute video titled ‘Taking Accountability’ to his YouTube channel. In the video, the 31 year old apologised for the inappropriate content, jokes, and actions he has made in the past – including saying the N-word, blackface, joking about bestiality and pedophilia.

While the video didn’t address the Willow Smith video, Dawson claimed he would “never talk about a child in any way that is inappropriate.”

“That is disgusting. That is gross. It is not something I would ever do. It is something I did for shock value or because I thought it was funny or, like, ‘Oh my god, my child-molester character,’ or whatever. It’s all gross, and I promise that is not real, that is not me.”

He claimed that the jokes and inappropriate behaviour stemmed from an abusive childhood.

“I’ve had a lot of pain, I’ve had a lot of issues with my family,” he said. “I took that pain, and I turned it into jokes. Instead of joking about them, I should’ve gone to therapy.”

But fans weren’t sold on his apology or his willingness to be held ‘accountable’.

Jada and Jaden have every right to be pissed off, and many are gearing up for a searing Red Table Talk by the Smith/Pinkett Smith family. And tbh, so am I.

It feels like the tide is finally turning. And whether or not Dawson is ‘over’ or cancelled is a whole other thing. But it feels like this is the end of excusing problematic creators and content. Finally.

Image Sources: Instagram (@shanedawson, @jadapinkettsmith, @c.syresmith)

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