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The Spice Girls Aren’t Coming To Australia, But One Member Is Fighting To

Mel B is trying to give Aussies what they really really want.

The Spice Girls potentially performing in Australia flew through rumour mill at a dashing rate. Since their last tour set in Australia devastatingly fell through in 2008, Aussie fans have been waiting over a decade for them to grace us with an appearance. Some might say, it’s what we want, it’s what we really really want.

But the hype has soon become the biggest let down we’ve seen down under.  While the gossip wasn’t unprecedented, the bluff got us all way too excited. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but The Spice Girls have confirmed they’re definitely not performing in Oz. Ouch.

Recently The Spice Girls embarked on their “Spice World” Tour, kicking off in Dublin, Ireland. The gal group (minus Victoria Beckham) then played various shows around The UK, from Cardiff, Manchester, Bristol, Sunderland, Coventry, to Edinburgh. During their final show, held in Wembley Stadium in London, Mel B spilled the tea on a potential Aussie concert. However, she’s since drawn back her commentary.

Given the video evidence, it’s reasonable many Aussie fans nearly blew a gasket about The Spice Girls performing down under. I mean, plain as day Mel B claims, “We’ll see you in February Australia!”

While we’re all a low key mad at Mel B for getting our hopes up, Scary Spice is still fighting to perform in Australia…so don’t feel completely deceived.

“So I announced it on stage, yes, without everyone else signing off 100 percent. I figured that if I put it out there, then maybe it’s going to happen, because I’ve been putting it out there for seven years,” said Mel B.

Scary Spice claims she’s been seriously pushing The Spice Girls to come to Australia since January, but other members don’t seem to fully be on board. I mean, Posh Spice didn’t even go on tour and she lives in The UK. That’s a bit daft.

Despite Mel B claiming her statement was a bluff, she went on to say, “I’m not going to guarantee, but yes I’m going to guarantee, February next year. The girls are going to hate me right now.”

Aussie fans definitely appreciate her efforts. Some fans are even taking to Facebook to say they will “literally pay anything.” So who knows, maybe The Spice Girls will make an appearance in Oz after all.

Image Source: GIPHY, The Spice Girl News Facebook

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