The Subtle Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Often, we don’t even realise something is slowly crushing us until we’re in too deep. That’s usually the way it goes with relationships that are more of a toxic nature. They can sometimes be hard to detect when you’re on the inside, however there are some signs that can be detected if you know what to look for.

Never Willing To Fully Let Things Go

Ah, yes. The classic ‘let’s bring up the past to use as fuel for the argument now’ approach. There is no denying that we’re all guilty of doing it at some point. But the difference between being petty every once in a while and really not forgiving and forgetting is vastly different. Often in a toxic relationship, a couple conversations or actions are held over someone’s head to make them feel guilty and back down from the most present argument.

Lying To Avoid Confrontation

Nobody likes confrontation with their significant other, but it’s completely natural and next to unavoidable. In a normal circumstance, you both learn to navigate through confrontation and come out the other side stronger and knowing each other better. In a toxic relationship though, you tend to become terrified of talking something out for fear that they’ll get irrationally upset. So to avoid such things, lying or downplaying your actions or how you’re feeling seems to be the best way to go.

You Have To Alter Your Behaviour To Cater For Their Mood

Through this type of relationship, personalities can become more subdued over time to cater for the other’s various moods and domineering personality. You may find yourself feeling like you’re quieter than you used to be. Maybe you’ve started to catch yourself before you say certain things or partake in certain behaviours?

They’re Controlling And Constantly Jealous

These concepts can have a bit of a fine line to them, as all of us have our own way of doing things, and a great majority of us get jealous for certain reasons. This is human nature and it’s okay. Add a bit of toxicity to the scenario though, and you’ve probably got yourself some chaos on your hands. Control goes beyond the simple particulars and verges into controlling who you can talk too, where you can go, even how you present yourself in public. Their controlling nature often has something to do with their jealous tendencies and will probably make an effort to convince you that your close friends want to be more than friends with you.

Everyone Else Is To Blame But Themselves

It is always everyone else’s fault but their own. Accountability won’t exist. Because naturally they’re always right and superior and amazing.. yes, I’m being completely sarcastic. At first, you’re able to argue your points and perspective, but as time passes you can start to become convinced that you’re in the wrong, even when you aren’t. Sometimes it can get so bad that you no longer bother standing up for yourself and you start believing that you’re crazy, which isn’t a good time.

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