Top 5 Cafés Of 2017

It’s the final of our Top 5’s of 2017, and where would we be without the great cafes across this island? We absolutely love a good café to veg out in either with friends or our own company, and of course we are all coffee snobs. No matter if it’s old or newer, there will always be those cafés that keep us coming back for more caffeine hits and good food.

Reverends Fine Coffee – Brisbane

This place has saved me from a hangover more than once. You walk in and you’re instantly met with the smell of well-made coffee. The strength of the coffee is great enough to smack you awake and kick you into the new day, all while tasting awesome. The food is mouth-watering too. I once had a cheese toasty there for breakfast and it was by far, one of the best things I’ve tasted. You’ll definitely enjoy soaking up the light and taking in the atmosphere.

Ouroboros Organic Wholefoods – Sydney

This is an airy café that’ll be sure to relax you while you sit and observe all the pretty flowers organised on the tables. They have a range of food choices, including a tonne of vegan and vegetarian options, so no one will ever be spoiled for choice. The eggs benedict they do is seriously decked out in all the goods, making it pretty much the biggest breakfast meal you’ve ever seen. Drinks can range from fresh juices to chai lattes to coffee, so whatever you’re in the mood for they’ll deliver.

95 Espresso Bar – Melbourne

This St. Kilda nook is the definition of the bees knees. One thing that sets them apart from the rest are their soy chai lattes. It’s been said that the owner of the café spent 10 or so years perfecting the recipe, and boy, did he. I’m not kidding when I say that no amount of hatred for soy milk would be able to deter you from enjoying this beverage. The food is also killer. The smashed avo is totally worth not being able to afford a house, and so are the white chocolate pancakes to be honest.

Caffiend – Adelaide

The entrance is sure to draw you in, with the flowers, plants and cosiness. The ambience of this place would even make you want to venture out in the rain for a cup of coffee. Much like the experience of a wine tasting, Caffiend gives you the opportunity to try a coffee tasting board with the latest type of beans (who wouldn’t want that?) Perfect for embracing your inner hipster. They’ve also got you covered for breakfast and lunch with goodies like granola, smashed avo (of course), bruschetta and salads.

Duck Duck Bruce – Perth

This place has a funny name, as does the food on their menu. You can kiss your diet goodbye and order vanilla pancakes that seem to be on steroids. This dish comes with cherries, pecan praline, gingerbread, orange maple syrup and a very apt name: I Didn’t Quit Sugar. It’s also worth mentioning that this café is dog friendly and BYO so you can get your booze on at brunch while watching your doggo do something adorable (good times guaranteed).

Image source: Concrete Playground, Acland Street Village, Broadsheet and Time Out

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