The Top 5 Most Luxurious Offices, Including Kylie Jenner’s Which Has A Champagne Vending Machine

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In light of Kylie Jenner’s recent office tour vlog, I have compiled a list of the top 5 most luxurious offices, so fancy that they hurt my pleb brain to look at. A milennial can dream, and maybe if we work hard enough we can hustle our way into one of these completely, unnecessarily, OTT luxury offices.

#1. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner just uploaded a vlog to her YouTube channel, in which she gives a tour of her Kylie Cosmetic’s office building in California, which of course, is number 1 on trending atm. I watched in awe as she casually pans over jars of M&M’s with her face printed on them, overly fluffy office chairs, a ‘Lip Kit Wall’ with every shade of lipstick imaginable and of course the custom Moet Champagne vending machine that dreams are made of.

Image Source: Youtube (@Kylie Jenner) 

#2. Bumble

The HQ for online dating app, Bumble is located in Austin, TX. The super yellow office space, called The Beehive is home to a claw machine of stuffed toys, huge inspirational messages such as “Be the CEO Your Parents Always Wanted You to Marry,” and a ‘Glam Room’ for free haircuts and manicures. The whole office looks like a Pinterest board come to life and working here must be the life.

Image Source: Bumble ( 

#3. Instagram / Facebook HQ

The HQ for Instagram and Facebook in NYC is just as over the top as you thought it would be. Everything about the office is super millennial and trendy but the highlight for me is the FREE juice and gelato bar with over 20 flavours of ice-cream available to staff. AND the fully functioning FREE cocktail bar. Serious question though, how does anyone actually get any work done? I would be too belt on all that free booze.

Image Source: Youtube (@CNBC) 

#4. CodigoDelSur

This mobile app developing company decided to base themselves out of a converted 1920’s mansion in Uruguay. As you do. Anyway, the place has so much room for the 80 staff members to luxuriate in, an onsite gym, games room, cafe and even a swimming pool.

Image Source: CodigoDelSur (


This comparison company based in Cirencester, UK is absolutely killing the game. The HQ is actually inside a Grade II-listed Victorian Castle and features a Star Wars themed cinema, Rolling Stones inspired toilets, an ice cave workspace, ‘bored room,’ pool, foosball and pinball room, free food and drinks available daily and a multipurpose gym. BUT IT DOESN’T STOP THERE, the company also offers ALL employees an all expenses paid trip overseas EVERY SINGLE YEAR! They also have potential to recieve bonuses of up to 45% of their salary EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Honestly, where do I sign up? This one absolutely takes the cake.

Image Source: YouTube (@Business Insider)

Image Sources: Youtube, CodigoDelSur, Bumble

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