The TripAdvisor Feature You Never Knew Existed That Will Change How You Travel

Just how much more fun the trip is than the planning stages beforehand is yet to seen. It’s feverous working out the stops along the way, where you’ll stay or more crucially where you’ll eat. Even though we all know good and well we’ll never be sticking to that plan, once the flutter of new sights and smells entice us away from the path we’ve paved for ourselves there’s no knowing where we’ll end up. And that my dear friends is where the real magic happens, but what if you could log that magic? Enter TripAdvisor’s timeline feature, the little known saviour to your travel forgetfulness.

While it’s the bible of reviews and attractions, the TripAdvisor timeline is a little extra cherry on top of that delectable travel sundae. As you roam you can log each stop along the way, upload photos to accompany your destination du jour and keep on track with timings; it’s an itinerary ready to be showed off or shared with needy parentals back home.

Unlike the Facebook timeline, often a glut of memes and ~fake news~ , the TripAdvisor timeline is all about you. Your footprints carve the trail, your location settings note it down and TripAdvisor just collates that magic so you never forget where you had the best sandwich of your life in New York or the hands down best espresso martini of your god damn existence in London.

No more Dear Diary, leave your travel journal behind and pack an extra charger instead!

It’s been around since 2015, so you’re free to look back on past trips or past meals and lament your lack of use. You will meet that beautiful bagel in the afterlife, don’t stress. You have the option to share your adventures like the brave, bold bastard of bragging you are or keep your gallivanting for your own review, no pressure.

So instead of saying you’ll go through those travel photos or promising your Mum that you’ll send her a message every day, why not take the simpler option? Memories made easy, travel made memorable and an app innovation we can happily get around. Fair warning it also makes for tear jerking post travel mems, so best be aware now. Go on, download the app and get roaming.

Image source: Malay Mail Online, TripAdvisor, Natasha Oakley. 

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