The UK Copped A New PM & Boris Johnson Is About As Whack As These Memes Suggest

Boris Johnson is what you get when Trump eats shellfish.

Meet Boris Johnson. He’s certainly not quite the trademark British PM we’ve seen in years gone by. In terms of honourable British chaps, he’s no Hugh Grant. Certainly no Colin Firth. He is, however, the UK’s newly elected Prime Minister and just about the most whack individual to frolic around UK’s parliament – tough competition though.

Whilst this election is in many ways the most concerning election of a far-right wing politician we’ve seen for a long while, the memes are providing some very welcomed comedic relief. Why is Boris so whack? What kind of a name is Boris? Why does Boris look like Nancy Wheeler’s sexist coworker? All questions are worthy of an answer. Go forth, find me answers.

My personal fave…wow.

Sources: @chelseahandler, @joncoopertweets, @PrivacyMatters, @downwithshitler, @Sid12Rao, @PaulK1966. 

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