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The Ultimate Party Animal Guide To The Best Clubbing In Melbourne

For when you want to your boogie on.

The city of Melbourne is considered to boast the best clubbing scene in Australia. Free of lockout laws, restrictions on shots and multi-level clubs aplenty, there’s no question as to why people travel from all over to have a boogie in Melbs. Narrowing it down to the top seven clubs is a difficult task, but I gave it a crack. Here are the tried-and-tested best clubs in Melbourne, from someone who’s research was overly extensive. (And expensive.)

#1 Revolver Upstairs

Colloquially known as ‘Revs.’ If you’ve heard anything about clubbing in Melbourne, you’ve heard about Revs. You can party here on Friday night and leave on Monday morning. This Chapel Street attraction will literally make you lose track of time and will spit you out into blaring sunlight of the next day, smelling like a sewer rat. It’s something everyone should experience once. (And maybe never again.)

#2 Brown Alley

Aka Rats. Okay don’t @ me for starting off this list with the two most controversial clubs in Melb… Rats, on Londsdale Street is definitely worth a mention. While it can be considered a little seedy, it’s a multi-level club with free entry (or often very cheap entry), cool events on the reg and bangers until all hours of the morning. Rats is the best for super lit clubbing on a budget.

#3 Laundry Bar

Laundry is lesser known than some of the big guys, but an unmissable experience for rap fans. The club frequently plays r&b, rap and hip hop hits and often has live performances from local rappers. The interior is just as cool as the music, with vintage leather lounges, graffiti walls and a large neon ‘Hennessy’ sign. Head to Fitzroy for this venue ASAP!

#4 Bond

This Bond St venue is one of the bougiest in Melbourne. You have to be dressed appropriately for this one, meaning button up shirts and dresses. You will also have to fork out the cash… But it’s totally worth it for a special occasion. (Or if you want to pretend your Blair Waldorf or Chuck Bass for the night.)

#5 Yah Yah’s

This Fitzroy local is my personal favourite. Go on a Friday night for indie bangers on repeat. They often have ‘versus nights,’ meaning they play the hits of two artists (e.g. Arctic Monkeys vs. Tame Impala), in competition with each other. They also have a ‘Thursgay’ event every Thursday with drag queens and lip sync battles. You have to see it to understand. Oh and they also have frequent 2am concerts from big indie artists. It’s incredible.

#6 Ms Collins

Another swanky club, as the name suggests, located on Collins St. The club attracts high flyers to it’s VIP sections, but also regular people just trying to have a bougie boogie. Once again, you will have to put on your Sunday best and be prepared to spend moooney.

#7 The Toff In Town

This nightclub is located inside of Curtain House, on Swanston St. Honestly, this building has it all. Head to restaurant Cookie, for one of the best Asian feasts in the city, then head to the top level rooftop bar, and sip cocktails overlooking the city skyline. And then what better way to finish off the night than dancing away to live bands or djs in a venue that is a bit more relaxed. The toff attracts more of a late twenties crowd and isn’t as intense as other nightclubs. Which can be a good thing sometimes…

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