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The Votes Are In: Here Are Our Hottest 100 Predictions

And far too quickly (where did 2018 go?!) we reach Hottest 100 territory again. The votes are in. The winner has been decided. And we can’t wait for the yearly tradition of counting down in the sun with a tinnie in hand on Sunday. No doubt you submitted your votes and the next day were reminded of a song and thought ‘damn, why the f*ck did I not include that?’. But fear not friends, the past is in the past.

We’ve put together a list of our predictions for this year’s top ten, and it’s clear to see that Aussie’s are doing it for the country.

Confidence // Ocean Alley

We’ve got bloody confidence in this one, baby. Having smashed the year with their album Chiaroscuro, toured Australia and supported Tash Sultana over in the US, the Northern Beaches boys deserve all the wins they get. Reports are showing that this is a likely top three, if not number 1. So keep those fingers crossed.

This Is America // Childish Gambino

Childish can do no wrong, and definitely laps up a heap of attention in the land down under. Despite canceling his Spilt Milk appearance, as well as his headline shows and breaking our hearts in the process, the love for Gambino still stands.

Losing It // Fisher

This one turned out to be the ultimate summer anthem. The pro surfer turned DJ brought out the absolute banger in July and it’s been on repeat ever since. We’d be super surprised if this one doesn’t make an appearance in the top ten.

I’m Good // WAFIA

This ultimate break-up anthem is catchy as f*ck. Trust me, I find myself humming I’m Good on a daily basis. We have a feeling it’s is going to be a dark horse into the top ten on Sunday, and rightly so. This one’s goooood.

Peach // Broods

The Kiwi duo made a mini comeback in 2018 with Peach, and their high anticipated album Don’t Feed The Pop Monster will released in February. This pop song quickly became an anthem of 2018 with Caleb even getting a cheeky bit of ink in the form of a peach. If that doesn’t deserve a vote, I don’t know what does.

Just Friends // Hayden James

Hayden James is another artist doing it for the Aussies. He released two singles that went OFF this year and deserves all the credit he gets for them. He saw in the 2019 at NYE In The Park and is set to go on and smash those good vibes at Hot Dub Wine Machine along with The Presets and Confidence Man in March/April.

Groceries // Mallrat

Mallrat aka Grace Shaw is our underdog prediction for this year’s Hottest 100. She released her EP In The Sky in June and songs such as UFO and Groceries have been playing religiously since. And secretly, we think her Field Day performance with The Veronicas tipped everyone onto team Mallrat even further. This 20 year old’s one to watch on Sunday.

MANTRA // Bring Me The Horizon

When someone says Bring Me The Horizon, our *shameful* early teens spring to mind. But this rock song from the British band brings out something within us as we infectiously scream ‘MANTRA’. I mean, it’s not our usual style but hell, we’re happy this one’s in the running for the top ten.

Underwater // Rüfüs Du Sol

These guys deserve nothing but to get a space (or three) in the top tracks of 2018. Having taken a hiatus for 2 years, they came back with a bang in October with album Solace which brought us tracks like Underwater and Treat You Better. We’re more than sure the Sydney trio will slip a few songs in the top 100 this time around.

I Said Hi // Amy Shark

She claimed the number two slot in 2017 for Adore, and Amy’s success just keeps on coming. She released her debut album in July which has created a whirlwind of opportunities for her. From European shows to more Australian dates, Amy shows us that the hard work really does pay off.

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