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The Wildest Australian Reality TV Moments Of The Decade

The 2010s were a wild ride.

With 2020 rapidly approaching, what better way to welcome to new year than to look back at the decade that was. Though the likes of Big Brother and Beauty and the Geek no longer grace our screens, the shows from across the 2010s brought us plenty of memorable moments. We’ve rounded up the most stand-out iconic moments for ya.

Matt Preston And Some Disgustingly Good Food

The moment that went down in Masterchef history and is defs deserving of a spot in the Australian reality tv hall of fame (if there was such a thing). The second series of the iconic cooking show brought us poor contestant Aaron on the verge of tears when Matty P described how some dishes are just total disasters and his was disgusting. Being the dramatic bish he is (and only after a tactically suspenseful ad break), Preston grinned and said ‘disgustingly good’. His explanation for smashing the plate of food was that he didn’t want anyone else to taste it. What happened to sharing is caring my dude?

Blake Garvey Disappointing All Of Australia

The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise has become nothing if not an absolute staple program on Australian television. Blake’s season in 2014 ended with some very questionable decision making on the part of the Bachelor himself. Proposing to winner Sam Frost in the finale, turns out he dumped the leading lady less than a day after the final ep went to air. But THEN it surfaced that he had coupled up with the runner-up Louise Pillidge. The nation was disappointed to say the least. The silver lining was Sam Frost became Australia’s first Bachelorette the next season.

Australia’s Next Top Model Doing A Steve Harvey Style Slip Up

Just like Steve Harvey accidentally announcing the runner-up as the winner, 5 years earlier we cringed through the same awkward interaction between host and contestants in the finale of ANTM. The worst part about this bungled announcement was that Kelsey Martinovich (actual runner-up) was in the middle of her winner’s acceptance speech when the host realised her mistake. Awkies much.

Australia’s (Audience) Got Talent

The super shook reaction of an audience member to a magic trick being performed on stage went so viral he was dubbed the ‘Magikarp Guy’. The 2015 season of AGT clearly had some stellar performances – I mean just look at his face. Bless this guy.

The Chocolate Bath

The bath that has gone down in Bachelor/Bachelorette history – so much so that every time it appears the current contestants recognise it immediately (@Angie and Timm). Was there anything more gut churning than watching Ritchie and Alex frolic in the thick sugary tub in the 2016 Bachie season? Methinks no. What a damn waste of Lindt choccy.

The MAFS Cheating Scandal

Married At First Sight is just a whirlwind of drama in itself, but the 2018 season treated us to a new low of questionable behaviour from ‘married’ people. So Dean was partnered up with Tracy, and Ryan with Davina. But Dean and Davina had other ideas and started a sneaky lil affair, which stirred a whole lot of controversy because Dean said some really awful stuff about his ‘wife’. Plus they were being unfaithful. Idk if the 2019 participants were watching and taking notes, coz this year we had not one but two cheating couples! Fingers crossed the new decade will bring a lil more faithfulness into this show.

The Bachelorette’s Brother

2019 treated us to former Gogglebox gal Angie Kent as the Bachelorette and what a treat it was. The season began with an undercover recon mission carried out by none other than her own bro. TBH he should’ve stayed a whole lot longer than one ep – the boys didn’t suspect a thing and were very openly chatting to the guy about their feels. Once Osher revealed her bro was among them, Niranga stole the whole ep by pointing out it obviously wasn’t him.

Agreed Osher.

The Honey Badger

I saved the wildest reality TV moment until the very end. The Honey Badger caused a massive stir in the mansion/reality tv world/entire nation when he decided to just walk away from the WHOLE SEASON of the Bachelor without a lady. He just straight up didn’t pick anyone. He wasted the gals’ time, he wasted his own time, he wasted Osher’s time and most importantly he wasted our time. He also took over Blake as the most disliked former Bachie in all of Oz. He made several appearances during this year’s Bachie seasons in the ad breaks (modelling for Tradie underwear) so I guess going on the Bachelor was good for something?

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