The World’s Sexiest Accents Have Been Revealed And Our Mates Across The Pond Have Won

Well, for all our joking, imitating and general fun poking, it’s official. The New Zealand accent has been voted the sexiest in the world. Yep. Fush and chups have come out on top.

There are roughly 7000 languages around the world, each with their own accents, varieties and tones. And yet our Kiwi mates have beat out the likes of the French, Italians and Spaniards to take out the top spot. The extensive poll, conducted by travel company Big 7 Travel describes the accent as “outrageously charming”.


“To a novice ear, the New Zealand accent might sound just like the Australian accent, but Big 7 Travel readers disagree. The ‘Newzild’ dialect is outrageously charming. The sexiest accent in the world? It’s official.”

The Australian came in at number five, with South African, Irish and Italian rounding out the top five in second, third and fourth places respectively.

You can catch the top 20 down below, but if you’re keen to suss out the full list of 50, click here.

Now we have a new way to plan our next international trip. Catch me travelling working my way steadily through the top 50.

Top 20 Sexiest Accents Around The World

20th Zimbabwean

19th Argentine

18th Mancunian

17th Jamaican

16th Danish

15th Ukrainian

14th Hungarian

13th Canadian

12th Queen’s English

11th Czech

10th Brazilian Portuguese

9th US Southern

8th Spanish

7th French

6th Scottish

5th Australian

4th Italian

3rd Irish

2nd South African

1st Kiwi

Image Source: Hollywood Reporter, GIPHY

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