The 10 Worst Sex Moments That You’ve Probably Experienced

Sex is embarrassing and uncomfortable as it is. However, there’s a whole boatload of things that can make it even worse. Throughout your sex life, it’s likely you’ll experience at least one of the things on this list. And for that, we’re so, SO sorry. Here’s a list of the worst sex moments ever.

#1 Saying Someone Else’s Name

This is always a fun one. You know you’ve made a big mistake and are definitely going to offend the other person when you moan someone else’s name. May as well just pack your bags and head out the door.

#2 Your Mum/Dad Walks In

Does this need any explanation? Literally nothing, NOTHING, is worse than an unwelcome walk in from your parents. Instant mood killer and prep for awkward family dinners.

#3 Farting Of All Types

No matter what kind of farting goes on, no matter where it comes from, it’s probably going to get a reaction from the both of you. Best option? Laugh it off, hope it doesn’t kill the mood, and keep on going.

#4 Terrible Dirty Talk

Nothing says uncomfortable sex moments quite like a really bad blurting out of horrible dirty talk. Whether it’s something over-aggressive, weird or just gross, it’s an instant eek moment that’ll probably kill the mood.

#5 Door Knocks From Your Neighbours

More funny than uncomfortable, it can sometimes put a blocker on the fun you could be having, since now you know your neighbours are listening to. Oh well.

#6 Surprise Period

Inevitable, but always annoying. Everyone reacts differently. Irregardless, it’s never a nice surprise and probably doesn’t leave you feeling so sexy anymore.

#7 Dropping the ‘I Love You’ bomb during it

Yeah. It’s just not the time. I get it, it’s the heat of the moment, you’re into it, it’s a little emotional and it just comes out. Just try keep it inside next time.

#8 Your Pet Is In The Room

You both don’t know why you can’t get in the mood…there’s just something weird about the room. You just feel like someone is just staring at you. You look down to the floor. Your dog/cat is literally sitting there watching you. And now you have to get up and move the pet outside. Thanks pet.

#9 Bashing Your Head On The Bed/Wall/Ceiling

Both sore and unenjoyable. You may laugh, you may cry, you may pass out. It’s really a Russian roulette game when you bash your head on the wall. Good luck!

#10 Accidental Teeth

Aaaaaaah. No thanks. Unfortunately this happens a hell of a lot. You’re in the middle of something and all of a sudden you’ve been bitten and no there is NOTHING enjoyable about it.

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