There Are Some Super Weird Coincidences Surrounding Juice WRLD’s Tragic Death

Did Juice Wrld predict his own death?

Juice WRLD tragically died of a seizure last night, only a few days after his 21st birthday. His death has come as a massive shock to fans.

The rapper who was born Jarad A. Higgins, suffered a seizure after his flight landed at Chicago’s Midway Airport on Sunday morning. He was rushed to hospital but was declared dead soon after.

It is unsure as of yet whether Juice WRLD’s death was linked to a “narcotics issue,” however an autopsy is scheduled for today.

He Posted A Super Weird Tweet Before Rising To Fame

In 2017, before Lucid Dreams rose to the top 10 charts and Juice WRLD was growing in popularity on Soundcloud, he tweeted something super eery. Fans have been retweeting it today surrounding his death, and pointing out how much of a weird coincidence it is.

The rapper wrote, “My goal is to get overly famous, shine for a couple years..then fake my death ⚰”

Fans are desperately hoping that Juice WRLD simply faked his death, however this is an impossible circumstance.

One fan on twitter wrote, “There’s still a chance this is bullshit.” And another added, “I feel like even if Juice WRLD is dead that he planned this all.”

It’s so heartbreaking, but Juice WRLD really is dead, as an official statement has been released.

Juice Wrld Had A Song Lyric That Almost Predicted This

The rapper’s 2018 single Legends, had a dark lyric that almost predicts his young death.

“What’s the 27 Club? We ain’t making it past 21,” Juice WRLD rapped.

He died less than a week after his 21st birthday.

The whole passage of this song is actually strangely ominous. Fans are pointing out the distressing lyrics:

“What’s the 27 Club?
We ain’t making it past 21
I been going through paranoia
So I always gotta keep a gun
Damn, that’s the world we live in now
Yeah, hold on, just hear me out
They tell me I’ma be a legend
I don’t want that title now
‘Cause all the legends seem to die out
What the fuck is this ’bout?”

Fans Have Been Making Seizure TikToks To Juice Wrld’s Song, Lucid Dreams

For about a month before Juice WRLD’s death, fans have been using TikTok to share videos of themselves doing the #LucidDreamsChallenge in which they are dancing to the rappers song, Lucid Dreams and fake having a seizure as the music skips.

This is super weird and ominous, as Juice WRLD died from a seizure at Chicago airport. Fans faking the similar circumstances to Juice WRLD’s death up to a month before it happened just seems so strange and grim. We have no explanation for this, it’s just a weird coincidence. But check out this video that was posted over a month before the rapper’s death.

SEE BELOW: Lucid Dreams (TikTok Compilation)

Juice Wrld Compared Himself To John Lennon, Who Also Died On December 8th

In the rapper’s popular song All Girls Are The Same, Juice WRLD raps the lyrics, “I’m a jealous boy, really feel like John Lennon.”

Fans are pointing out the weird coincidence that Juice ‘really felt like John Lennon,’ and then also died on the same day John Lennon died 39 years ago, outside of his New York apartment.

There are a lot of strange, unexplained coincidences surrounding Juice WRLD’s death that we will probably never understand.

Our thoughts are with the late rapper’s family, loved ones and devoted fans during this difficult time.

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