There’s A New God Send For Reducing Climate Change And It’s Pretty Bloody Simple

It’s trees, over a trillion of ’em.

Using the term ‘god send’ in relation to climate change is a little misleading. So I retract that and instead use the term ‘possible solution to reduce what we’ve already tragically destroyed’.

Ugh, we’re very arguably, fucked.

Nonetheless, a Swiss scientist has released new evidence that there’s sufficient area across the globe for enough newly planted trees to drastically reduce the impact of climate change. The latest study suggests that a total of 1 billion hectares of newly planted trees, or 1.2 trillion in total, would be needed to drastically reduce the Co2 levels in the atmosphere.

And there’s actually space for them…

Planting trees to this magnitude would decrease Co2 levels in the atmosphere by approximately 25% – a pretty damning claim that even if we are almost beyond the point of restoration, could significantly lessen the severity of climate change consequences in the future.

The enormous benefit of trees in the process of climate change mitigation is backed by an overwhelming amount of evidence. Yet this latest study is among the very few that suggest just how many trees would be sufficient enough to notably impact climate change.

The study comes after The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) made claims that if we want to limit the rise in global temperature at 1.5C by 2050, an extra 1 billion hectares of trees would be needed. This new study provides a visual representation of exactly where 1 trillion trees could be planted and if this feat would in fact be feasible. According to these new claims, it’s actually possible.

Swiss scientist, Tom Crowther, suggests in this latest study that 1 trillion new trees would absorb up to 830 billion tons of carbon dioxide – that stuff that provided we remain on this track, will basically set the planet on fire. To gain some perspective on exactly how much this is, humans have generated close to this over the past 25 years.

With an overwhelming amount of actions governments can take to mitigate climate change, planting trees seems the easiest, most feasible and hella cheap out of the lot of ’em.

Sources: Unsplash, GIPHY. 

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