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There’s A Sweet Pop Up Museum Coming To Sydney And It Has A Wizz Fizz Wall

There will be a hundreds and thousands-inspired pool of joy and walls of Wizz Fizz for you to drool over. You’ll also be treated to pop up candy stores with all the sweetest sweets your inner child could ever stomp and scream for. It’s called Sugar Republic and it’s coming to Sydney. Grab ya mates and get ready for a sweet, sweet adventure that’s giving Willy Wonka a real good run for his chocolate coins.

With major sponsors Wizz Fizz, Hubba Bubba, Arnott’s and Starburst you’re really left scrambling to find any reason not to see what Sugar Republic is all about. They’re travelling from Melbourne to grace our Sydney shores in coming days and you’re bound to fall into a sugary daydream once I inform you of all the goodness they’re about to drop.

Warning: fillings and sugar highs may result.

You can create your own soft serves and devour Sailor Moon inspired cake pops. You can also fit your mates inside a life-sized gum ball machine. Wander over their sherbet bridge to be mesmerised by a rainbow streamer wall made of spoons. Spoons of which you will then use to scoop out mountains of Wizz Fizz goodness. It’s anyone’s dreams come true. Age is no barrier.

Sugar Republic will be allowing Sydney siders to relive their childhoods from Sunday Feb 10th til March. Grab ya tickets here and let the sweet, sweet sugar do the rest.


Image Source: Sugar Republic Website & Facebook, 


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