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There’s No More Hawkins In Stranger Things Season 4

Just tell us if Hopper is alive, pls.

In a world of on-going money grabs that repeat the same story over and over *cough* Supernatural *cough*, Stranger Things season 4 is deviating from the norm.

Stranger Things just announced that they’ve been renewed for their fourth season, and dropped a little teaser trailer with it.

It’s pretty short, but it’s given us a lot to think about. Mainly, that it will no longer be set in Hawkins. 

If you don’t remember the end of last season, basically Hopper dies (debatable), and the tragedy breaks up the group. Joyce adopts Eleven, and relocates her and the Byers brothers away from Hawkins, breaking up the squad. In an end credits scene, we see a Russian facility with a captured Demogorgon, who they let loose upon a prisoner for feeding. When walking past another cell door, one of the Russians refers to an unseen prisoner as “the American.” Hence the doubts upon whether Hopper is actually dead.

The Duffer brothers obvs don’t want Stranger Things to be seen as just another cash cow, and so they’re taking change to the extreme. Now that we know this season is going to experiment with locations, we can assume it’ll be all about making this bigger than Hawkins and more about Russia. This conspiracy is going global, baby.

I’m really not sure about how they’ll work in everyone’s different locations this season – will the squad be reunited for a holiday in a location that also has ties to The Upside Down? Or will this season be more of a split POV, where we watch them battle against evils from their different locations for a common end? OR, maybe they’ll place Stranger Things season 4 as several years later to accommodate for the fact that our child stars are growing up?

So. Many. Questions. I guess we’ll just have to wait till December 2020 (UGH).

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