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These Are Hermitude’s Best 5 Albums Of 2019, So Add These Bangers To Ya Playlists

Bangers, bangers everywhere.

Ah yes November my old friend, how thee wears thy head and reminds us of another year flown by, and a bunch of concerns with what we’re actually doing with our lives. But alas, it is a great time for pondering and reflection, isn’t it? So we decided to sit down with NYE In The Park headliners (tix here), Hermitude, so they could tell us their favourite 5 records of 2019.

So ready yourselves, because these lads know a thing or two about a banging beat, so add some of these straight to ya NYE playlist.

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Crash Talk // Schoolboy Q 

“The combination of the production of the beats and Q’s stories on this record really transport me vividly into his world. I feel like I’m riding in the back seat of his car it’s so real. It’s also a great listen from cover to cover as well which I appreciate in albums these days. A proper journey.”

The Lost Boy // YBN Cordae 

“This dude has so much flair it almost drips out of my headphones when I listen to him. Tbh I didn’t know anything about him until this record dropped, it just kept popping up in my feed so I couldn’t escape it. But I’m so glad that’s the case cause it’s saved me on endless road trips. Another one of those artists bringing the funk back into hip hop which I love.”

Princess Gatgirl // Cashmere Cat 

“Only just came out but I’m a big fan so I was super pumped when this one dropped. We were in the middle of our USA tour so it was a nice accompaniment to the drive. He has such a distinct sound, but without repeating himself and sounding tired. I love the sounds on this album and those classic extended outros.”

Ginger // Brockhampton

“Who doesn’t love a boy band? When this record dropped we were in a van driving through the mid west of America, it was a great time to listen and felt right at home for the music (even though they’re from Texas). There’s a realness to this group and it shines through their songs. No Halo I’ve had on repeat ever since, something about the finger picked guitar and almost folk style vocal hook over a southern style hip hop beat just makes my mind zing.”

Igor // Tyler the Creator 

“This guy just keeps going from strength to strength. This record has so many great moments and the production on this album is dope. It feels like there’s many guests jumping in and out of the record but it all feels so cohesive, which is a hard thing to do. Earfquake, Running Out Of Time are standouts, not to mention the blond wig that he dons..”

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