These Are The Funniest Reactions To Meghan And Harry Ditching The Royals

Why is it called Megxit and not Harriverderci?

While half the world freaks out over Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s not-so-shocking departure – or #Megxit – the other half have chosen a much lighter path. A better path. The path of humour.

And, really, that’s the only way to go about this.

Because printing Meghan and Harry’s ‘shock’ departure – which really, ain’t that surprising given the absolute bashing Meghan has copped from the media and the public – to be some kind of natural disaster, isn’t going to do anything. Ranting and raving into a void is just that, ranting into a void. They can’t hear you, hun, it’s only you and your little bubble. All you’re doing is surrounding yourself with toxic energy.

But I digress. Many more choose to take the far quieter path, the one that is seemingly less taken. The one occupied by similarly ‘progressive’ to Meghan and Harry. And that’s to have a laugh.

And, trust me, there are some good deep belly laughs to be had.

And, honestly, some things are more triggering than a husband choosing to protect his wife, a woman choosing to protect herself, and new parents trying to protect their baby.

Tbh, I’m waiting for the wild reality TV show to come from this. I’ll take a ‘tell-all’ interview and wait for the next-day media lashing.

But did anyone think this is a plot by the royal family? Bet you didn’t.

Too dark? Too soon? Oh well, too late.

But #Megxit is problematic in and of itself – both in its lack of creativity and originality, but also in its ability to bring out the racists.

A lot of people were here to celebrate Harry, Meghan, and Archie’s liberation.

But the best tweets come from the imaginings of the family ‘crisis’ meeting that Queen Elizabeth called.

Note, I don’t think Meghan is evil, I just love the Power Rangers spoof.

Chill out everyone, have a laugh. Honestly, it’s the only way through it all.

Image Sources: Twitter

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