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These Are The Most Dangerous Jobs In Oz, So Get Your Helmets

We all want a sweet job that doesn’t involve sitting in an office cubicle 9 to 5 (well, most of us). The international DJs, professional chefs and travel bloggers of the world have done pretty well for themselves in terms of securing hectic jobs that don’t have huge risk factors. But let’s be real, it ain’t always a reality.

A lot of the jobs out there though are pretty high-key risky and it’s surprising to think that some workers out there, are putting their lives on the line to make a living. So we’ve done a little snooping to find out what the most dangerous jobs in the country are. Helmets on, folks.

#1 Transport, Postal and Warehousing

This is the number one job down under – when it comes to risk. And probably also the most necessary. The movement of goods via road, rail or air also includes postal and courier services such as Australia Post and Toll. These guys are risking their all, with most deaths caused by vehicle collisions. Railway track workers fall into this category – obviously very risky business. So maybe think twice when you’re super pissed at how long your online shopping order is taking to be delivered.

#2 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

Many workers in this industry are farmers living in rural parts of Oz. Crop farmers, deck hands on fishing boats, shearers and hunter-trappers each fall into the second most dangerous industry in Australia. Hunter-trappers are those that hunt, trap and shoot animals for a number of different things like research and pest control. There’s no denying that anything involving large, wild Australian animals is bloody deadly stuff. Deaths related to this industry include being trapped by moving objects and rollovers of non-road vehicles. Yikes.

#3 Construction

This includes construction labourers, tradies, roofers, scaffolders and excavator operators just to name a few. Referred to as the ‘Fatal Four’, deaths in construction are mainly down to four types of accidents: falls, collisions with objects, contact with electricity and being caught in between objects. It’s something we take for granted given how much labour work happens daily, but now ‘ya know why some of them earn big bucks.

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#4 Administrative and Support Services

At a glance this sounds like an office job which is partly true. Whilst it does involve things like office admin and preparing documents, it also refers to other support services such as pest control, gardening, packaging products and building/other cleaning services. Top causes of injury or death include repetitive motion injuries, slips/trips/falls, contact with electricity, fire/explosion and collisions with objects.

#5 Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services

One of the smaller industries in Australia is also among one of the most dangerous. These jobs cover electricity supply, generation, transmission/distribution, gas and water supply, and sewerage/waste disposal. Top causes of injuries and fatalities include body stressing, falls/slips/trips and mental stress.

#6 Manufacturing

Involving all things to do with producing goods such as food, textiles, chemicals, plastics and metals, machinery and equipment, and furniture, this one’s up there among the most dangerous jobs. Injuries and fatalities are mostly caused from being hit by falling objects, vehicle accidents, handling harmful chemicals and falls. There is such a long process for the manufacturing of some products, that it’s often easy for us to forget how dangerous it is.

#7 Mining

Whilst the mining industry has made significant progress to improving their overall OH&S standards across the board, they remain among the most dangerous industries in Oz. Top risks associated with mining include body stressing, trips/slips/falls, and collisions with moving objects. So while the mining boom may be over, those trips down to the coal shafts can still be ridiculously dangerous adventures.

It’s pretty likely that your line of work is dangerous in some way – yes, even you office admins. But finding the right insurance is damn hard amongst all the other adulting life problems you have going on. Our buddies at NobleOak are here to help ‘ya figure it out though. They’re a trusted, award-winning Aussie insurer with over 140 years of expertise in providing income protection insurance – so if you do have a close call you don’t have to lose any cash!

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