These Are The Only Places To Go To On Boxing Day And Not Get Assaulted By Shoppers

Are the sales really worth armageddon?

Look, we know Boxing Day is all about the sales, and maybe the sales are actually decent sometimes. But is it worth having to enter the battle-ground that is the shopping centre and risk getting an arm severed as you fight the local Karen for the last JBL speaker? I think not.

Don’t worry, there are actually plenty of ways to avoid getting assaulted by shoppers on Boxing Day – you just have to hit up the right places. And we’ve got them all here for ya.

#1 The Movies

Personally, this is my Boxing Day go-to. Do you have any idea how many films come out on Boxing Day? So. Many. Films. Honestly there are some binge-tier releases this year, too.

Head on over to your local Event Cinemas and be the first to catch the latest flicks, while everyone else is struggling to even make it to a cashier. If you’re really vibing, you can even indulge yourself and go bougie at Gold Class or Boutique sessions with all that Christmas cash.

#2 The Beach

This one is probably most people’s answer to avoiding shoppers on Boxing Day – the sun is shining, the hot weather is out, and the sea is calling your name. Head out and have a super relaxing beach day away from all the chaos of your local Westfield, while still making the most of your day. Plus, there’s no guilt of consumption – you can enjoy your day, completely worry free.

#3 A Local Cafe

Lots of food places are open on Boxing Day, and they’re usually not too busy since everyone is wasting away at Nike Warehouse sales. And, because I know some of you are reading this aghast at the idea that I could so easily dismiss Boxing Day sales, how about this: you can sit with your laptop in a cosy cafe, and online shop with a latte in your hand and no crazy shoppers. Win win.

#4 Check Out A Gallery Or A Show

Get your culture on and hit up an art gallery, museum, or show in the city. Plenty of museums and galleries are open on Boxing Day, and since ScoMo just cut the Arts department, it’s a super worthy cause to donate your dollars to. Or go full artistic, and double up a gallery visit with a movie after, because #art.

#5 Moonlight Cinema

Grab your picnic basket and fave blanket, and head on over to Moonlight Cinemas for an outdoorsy take on heading to the movies. You can watch all the latest blockbusters, or even some cult-classic faves, all with the stars above your head. Also, it’s worth going just because the the Gold Class section is called “Gold Grass” and I think that’s hilarious.

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