These Beauty Brands We Love Are Supporting Women’s Rights, And Hope Is Alive

In The United States proposed abortion bans are continuous with more states initiating bat-shit crazy legislation seemingly everyday (so crazy that even Trump disagrees).

While it feels like some of us are stuck in a trend of getting angry about politics and not knowing what to do, there are plenty of great ways to fight the blatant patriarchy.

My personal favourite form of combat — beauty products.

Top beauty brands MAC and Benefit are currently providing customers powerful incentives to buy their products or services. These brands are funneling money in the right direction by donating to organisations leading the fight for women’s rights.

Organisations like Planned Parenthood and The ACLU are advocating for women on the legal front, while the brands above are providing some ammunition.

Bold is Beautiful

Throughout May, Benefit’s Bold Is Beautiful campaign will donate 100% of proceeds from Myer in-store eyebrow services to organizations like Planned Parenthood. They will also donate 100% of sales from their new limited edition release The 3D BROWtones Magenta Eyebrow Enhancer.

Ya girl needed her eyebrows done anyways, so I’m stoked the maintenance of my eyebrows can  support social justice. When your eyebrows are on fleak and your values are being supported, what more could you need?


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It’s our choice. As a company founded & led by women, Benefit stands for all people & supports their autonomy?? If you want to help, don’t forget that during the month of May we will be donating 100% of brow wax profits @myer to organisations that support women & girls including @sister2sister_program @lgfbaustralia & @fittedforwork ?

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Bold is Beautiful so far has raised over $1 million in Australia alone and $16 million globally that will be donated to local women and girls across the world.

Viva La Glam Lipstick

MAC is also here for social justice.

Through the purchase of MAC’s Viva La Glam Lipstick, 100% of the selling price will funnel into MAC’s Viva La Glam Foundation,

Viva La Glam Foundation supports “the health and rights of All Ages, All Races, and All Genders,” according to their site. So far The Viva La Glam Fund has raised over $5 million, which is pretty incredible.


The top beauty brand announced in March they will be donating $500,000 to Planned Parenthood for the next two years, as well.

I love beauty products as much as the next basic person, yet I often feel a little guilty buying in to brands simply out of vanity. Hopefully, this is just the start of beauty’s contributions to empower people.

The beauty industry is rolling in the dough with no signs of slowing down profits. In 2016, Aussies spent $7.1 billion on beauty alone.

It’s clear beauty is a big deal. While we’re out here trying to look our best, I think it is important to buy in to brands who provide a service that outweighs vanity and corporate profit.

More of this, and less Alabama pollies thx.

Image Source: Benefit’s Instagram, Giphy, Unsplash

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