These Legendary High School Grads Acted On Climate Change And STILL Got Amazing ATARs

If only Australia’s youngsters could be in charge of running the country.

So our government has been worse than useless on tackling the climate change crisis, curbing Australia’s emissions, bushfire prevention and now management strategies… I could literally go on for days about all the ways they’re currently failing us. But the young’uns across Australia, and indeed the world, have straight up had enough of oldies sitting around in suits and not really achieving anything to prevent runaway climate change.

With the release of high school results after the end of what I’m sure was a gruelling Year 12 for school kids across the country, ScoMo can just eat his words – telling kids their education is more important  than protesting against governmental inaction on climate change? The kids these days are a seriously talented and passionate bunch Mr PM. You underestimated them big time – they can do both.

One such talented QUEEN is Varsha Yajman of Gosford High School, who not only had a hand in organising the School Strike 4 Climate rally earlier in the year, but achieved an ATAR of 99.15.

The Stop Adani earrings – ICONIC. With plans to study at USYD in law and arts (with a major in government), I have all my fingers and toes crossed that she becomes PM some day. She’d do a bloody good job.

And she’s not the only clever cookie who is also fighting for the future of their planet. One student went to Port Macquarie as a volunteer with the RFS, missing his engineering exam by doing this. It turned out to be the subject Liam Birrell performed best in. An absolute king.

The bloke who ranked first in NSW for earth/environmental science attended the School Strike 4 Climate too and has his sights set on sustainable innovation for uni and beyond. You’ve got to admire James Bagnall’s desire to use his clever brain to explain climate science to the fools who still deny that climate change is even a thing. That would require a superhuman amount of patience.

Managing to achieve such high academic results in the midst of a bushfire crisis and natural world that is slowly falling apart is a feat in itself – being part of mitigation efforts is even more admirable. With ambitions to make a positive difference on the world and state of the climate, the passion and knowledge behind the next generation is a bloody good thing for the nation, nay the whole world. If only the current generation of politicians would stop belittling awesome eco-efforts from Gen Z and get behind them instead. The world would be a much better place if they did.

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