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Things An Aussie Traveller Will Never Say

You can always spot a fellow Aussie traveller from a great distance. You’ve ventured off to Europe for the summer, site seeing amongst the cultured folk from the northern continent. You’re making the way through the streets of Athens; then in the distance you see a bunch of people sporting thongs galore, thick accents and plenty of banter.

And just like you can identify an Aussie through their distinct behaviours, you can also do so through the things you will never hear them say. We are a proud bunch of people, so no matter how far or wide we travel, there are things that will never dare to impress.

“This is the best coffee I’ve ever had.”

Exception: you went to a café run by Aussies. Otherwise, I guarantee you that not one of your mates will come back cheering about the creamy lattes they were drinking in Canada.

“Wow, I wish we had beaches like this back home.”

Now, this is not to say that Portugal isn’t home to some of the most incredible shorelines in the world. But Australian beaches will always take the cake.

“That flight went by so quickly.”

Not even possible. When you live in isolation from the rest of the world (bar NZ and Indonesia), every flight is long and gruelling.

“Hm, that country is too far away.”

If it’s one thing that Aussie travellers are used to, it’s distance. But that has never stopped us, ever. It may be the long haul flights and under average plane food that we despise, but it is never the satisfaction of arriving at the final destination. Mexico might be far, but it is definitely worth the haul.

“We should introduce tipping back home.”

Said no one ever (maybe a hospitality worker here or there). Lucky for us, we are blessed with decent wages, not so lucky for our American friends. Tipping is one thing despised by many when they head abroad, stinginess is in our blood.

“I’m gonna have a night in at the hostel.”

If there is one thing that Aussies love, it has to be a big night out. I once met some backpackers in Barcelona, Australian’s of course, I only ever saw them when they were creeping in at six in the morning (to be fair, so was I).

“Yeah, I’m actually from America/UK/New Zealand.”

Head abroad and suddenly no one even knows what Australia is, or what an Australian sounds like. You will be asked whether you hone from the states of America or from the England, and you will always answer “No way mate”.

“Can I get some ketchup with that please?”

No matter where you are, no matter where you go, it will always be tomato sauce. Always.

“Wow, this wine is so expensive.”

The benefit of travelling around the globe is the cheap alcohol that accompanies that travel. Two euro beers are flowing in Prague and red wine is cheaper than water in South America. When you’re used to drinking $12 glasses of sauv blanc, nothing will ever excel that price.

Image Source: Herald Sun.

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