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Things That Mattered In High School That No One Cares About Now 

Aw, high school. It probably went one of two ways for you all. You either breezed through with barely a qualm to knock you off the proverbial horse. Or, you barely made it through unscathed and hate the system with a firey pit of rage (guess which one I am, you guessed it, pit of rage.) Regardless of the path we found ourselves on in high school, there are things that, years on, no one could give a single crap about.

How Popular You Were

With the exception of the first six months after graduation, popularity is no longer a concern once you’re free to roam about, beyond the school’s four walls. What once mattered was being invited to parties, and attaching yourself to the one who knew all the trends and gossip. What matters now, is your character, and how well it holds up when relating to others both socially and in a work environment. Being a genuinely kind, reliable person with your priorities straight will take you much further than any popularity you could’ve had in high school.

Who You Dated

Thank God no one cares about who we dated in high school, or we’d be in a bit of strife. No matter if you dated the self-proclaimed jock, or the boy who did math C for fun, no one will give a damn after school life is swept under the rug. If the crowd you hang around presently have followed the natural progression of maturation, you’ll no longer be judged for your dating antics. Your loss of virginity being broadcasted throughout the halls, and met with vulgar snarks, laughs or criticism will be gone. Why? Because no one cares if you lost your V-card at a party behind a water tank.

Your Image

You wore the expensive brands and would have a new look every season because keeping up to date was of utmost importance to your persona. But you guessed it, no one cares about the image you had in high school once you’re gone. So, the side-eyes you received for wearing a flannel was for naught (jokes on all of y’all, they ended up in fashion eventually.)

Petty Rumours

Rumours in high school feel like the world is ending if you’ve managed to find yourself involved in the drama. In high school, everyone can’t seem to resist adding their own juicy tip to the ever-evolving story. Someone had sex? At a house gatho? Behind a locked door? People heard faint noises through said door? Heck, this is scandalous stuff. Can someone please just think of the children?! There’s no stopping people from having their say from day to day. But luckily enough for us, it becomes less petty and trivial the older we get.

Your Grades

Alright, let’s get one thing straight; your grades do not determine your worth. They never have and they never will. Despite high school’s jarring version of reality, we can actually get what we want without the OP/ATAR scores. It just requires you to be determined and scrappy. Remember that C- you got in that maths assignment? The one about the woman who bought 30 watermelons for some abstract reason? Yeah, neither do I, because it no longer matters. We’ve got bigger fish to fry and a life of our own that now takes priority.

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