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Things To Think About Before Planning A Group Holiday

The start of holiday season is almost upon us, and no doubt ideas of where to go with your mates are being thrown around the table at Friday night drinks (Here are a couple to keep you going). Of course you wanna keep that excitement alive when you’re starting to plan the big getaway but more often than not, it all ends in tears. It’s a hard (if not impossible) task to keep everyone happy so I’ve found some things to help you keep the peace.

Someone Needs To Be Chief Organiser

This should be pretty simple, unless of course, you are all the people in the group that just say yes to everything on the group chat and turn up at the airport not even sure where you’re flying to. Usually, someone will be a natural organiser (normally the ones who had pristine colour coded folders at school *slowly raises hand*) so the rest of the group can tend to rely on them. It’s important to keep all emails, confirmations, booking refs etc in one place to avoid losing them and being homeless because the hostel can’t find your booking in the system.

Stick To An Agreed Budget

Compromise compromise compromise. If one of your mates is rich af and another is on a super low budget, work together to find activities and accommodation that suit. You might rent a house or an AirBnB instead of forking out for a hotel, or maybe you only go for dinner a couple of times and cook at home the rest. Budgeting and actually sticking to your budget from the beginning is fundamental. You don’t want to be the person who says yes to the holiday then suddenly can’t afford your mates’ lavish holiday lifestyle after the flights are booked. Even worse when you decided to scrimp on the flight insurance.

Split The Costs With An App

A cost splitting app will be the answer to all of your nightmares. No more writing down who owes who on your phone notes and all coming up with different amounts at the end of the hol. That just means more arguments, and who needs that? There are heaps to choose from for both Android and iOS, Splitwise and Splitr being just a couple. Get everyone set up on there and life on your travels should be swell.

Group Discounts

Who doesn’t love a good discount? Make sure you do your research pre holiday and get the best deals. Loads of activity places or tour companies do awesome group discounts that are definitely worth looking into. For starters, check out Travel Insurance Direct for some sweet deals. Depending on where you’re going, it’s also worth bartering with people to see if you can get a cheaper price. Anything to have a bit more to spend on a couple of cheeky drinks, right?

Are You That Good Friends?

I’m laying down the basics here. If you have never spent more than an evening together or you haven’t experienced some major highs and lows together, you really need to ask yourself whether you can physically (and mentally) spend a whole holiday together. In one another’s presence 24/7, might I add. On a group holiday, you all need to be get along and appreciate each others’ moods. So just remember to include lots of downtime to prevent said fall outs.

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