Things We’ve All Thought While Reading The Betoota Advocate

Oh Betoota, the sweet satirical take on news that we all know and love. Before it become the taggable fodder of every larrikin looking for a daily laugh, Betoota Advocate would pop up on Facebook on occasion and shock. Just like Nine News fell into the trap of believing Betoota Advocate’s tale of being ‘the oldest newspaper in Australia’; you’d be lying if you said you hadn’t been fooled by one of their headlines in the past. That’s the very beauty of satire, the editorial team can say whatever they like under the protection of humour. And Australian news is all the better for it. Never clicked through and just browsed their social feeds? Well you should. So poor yourself a Betoota Bitter and read on.

“What has this world come to? Oh it’s just a Betoota article.”

Reads headline. Cue shock. Realises it’s satire. Laughs heartily.

“Look that’s actually quite true.”

Imma let you finish but, Betoota is a quality source of news.

“Going after again, brilliant.”

I wonder how many pieces they have to write for Pedestrian to stop the gifs.

“Oh the boys are going to love this.”

If you read an article and don’t share it, did you even really read it?

“Pauline Hanson is copping it and I’m all aboard.”  

If Pauline knows about Betoota, do you think she knows it’s satire?

“If this is fake news then I love fake news.”


“I wonder what a stock photography shoot is like.”

Seriously though, is it all laughing at salad and staring soullessly into the camera. Curiosity is at an all time high.

“The insults are crispy in this one.”

There’s a certain eloquence about writing a whole article in sarcasm just to roast someone.

“Not sure I understand this but I’m going to share with 5-6 friends so they know I’m up with current affairs.” 

What is a George Christensen? Isn’t Abbott gone? Another lockout law? Oh gosh, I’m out of touch.

“This is group chat material.”

WhatsApp was built for quality content like this. Maybe I’ll change the chat name to something related. Oh the possibilities.

“Forget the article, it’s all about the comments.”

Coming out of the depths of their internet holes, Redditors and everyday people meet in these comments. It’s a site of true troll warfare. Pass the popcorn pls.

“I think I get slightly less left leaning with every read.”

Is Betoota trying to push their millennial audience a little more towards the right? Are they giving their platform to the likes of Malcolm Turnbull and Barnaby Joyce for fun? Maybe it’s the discerning eye for satire groomed by Betoota, but we suspect the boys from country QLD aren’t greenies.

“Conspiracy alert.”

I’m all about this alternative fact.

“That is a meme waiting to happen that is.”

Look, I’m not going to make the meme but just now I picked it.

“I reckon I could write for Betoota.” 

Dripping in sass and drowned in an earthy outback tone, if it would let us channel our inner bogan wouldn’t we all love to write satire for a living.

“I’m feeling extra political right now.” 

When you combine a diet of Betoota, Hack, Q&A and ABC docos, you become the incredibly switched on youth your parents are warned about. Watch out boomers, we’re woke.

From having a beer with the PM to bin chickens and hillsong sharia, the Lambie loving Betoota is pure gold. Headline after headline, we’re hooked.

Image source: Betoota Advocate x MJ Bale. 

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