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Things You’ll Discover When Travelling With Your Best Mate

When scrolling through your Insta feed, it’s only a matter of time before you come across a picture displaying a foreign landscape that’s beautiful enough to ignite a fiery pit of fomo (for me, it was a photo of Disneyland). When it comes to turning those travel goals into a reality, it’s unlikely you’ll find someone much better to explore the world with than your best mate. Not only will you get to make incredible memories with your favourite person, but you’ll also come to discover things you may have never known about them.

Travel Habits

Being crammed on a plane and invading each other’s personal space for hours is sure to provide you with a few eye openers. One of you may be sprawled out and snoring away, while the other struggles to get comfortable enough to watch a movie. You’ll discover first-hand how fidgety they may get out of boredom, how irritable they become from being confined or how emotional they may get from severe tiredness. Depending on what airline you choose to fly with, there’s also the possibility of the food not being as consumable as anticipated, so your lovable mate might become a hangry mess (it’s a doosy to see, but tread lightly). I’ve learned that snacks for the flight is a way to make it easier.

Differing Diets

It’s not unheard of for two friends to have differing diets, whether that’s out of fussiness, or a legitimate intolerance. My best friend had a gluten free diet requirement in a country that seemed like everything came deep fried, which proved to be very difficult. UberEats may just be the savior of your starvation worries. Not only can you and your pal pick and choose what you want, but you can also stay in bed and have it brought to your door – holiday leisure at it’s finest.

Close Comforts

Sharing a living space will have its own discoveries. Your accommodation may be less spacious than what you had both pictured in your heads, so seeing how both parties manage their luggage tends to be interesting. Spending three weeks sharing one bathroom with someone tends to redefine the meaning of close, to say the least. You may have also had a warped perception on how big the bed was going to be. A twin bed in the States, for instance, feels so much smaller than it does in Australia (much to mine and my friend’s delight). So unless you want to kick your mate to the floor (savage) you’ll have to settle the sleeping arrangements by snuggling up and having a good old fashioned spoon (it’s not so bad).

Must Sees And Jet Lag

Tired woman with her head down on a train tray table

It’s good to plan what you both want to see and do for the duration of your trip, you can do this by scribbling down plans in a notebook. With a bit of research you can find a whole bunch of tourist destinations, shopping outlets, markets and activities you want to experience. While that plan seems perfect on paper, it’s also good to take into consideration how badly jet lag may strike (trust me, it’s underestimated). It may be found that you and your friend have different capacities for energy, especially with something as finicky as jetlag. Planning rest days is super beneficial when travelling, and while you may need to compromise and take a few smaller sights off your list, it’ll leave you with enough energy to see the more exciting and memorable things.

When wandering the globe, there will always be bumps along the way (our travel agent left us stranded in LA with no accommodation), but experiencing those challenges together can bring you closer than before, which is definitely worth it.

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