Things You’re Guaranteed To Do When You Suck At Dating

When you consider the somewhat unsuccessful dating rate to the number of dating apps there are, you’ll probably find that the balance is completely skewed. Technically we shouldn’t feel too bad though. Each one of us is unique, so if we really think about it, we all kind of suck at dating in our own special way. And yes, saying this definitely makes us feel better for our lack of dating prowess. Here are just some of the things we’re guaranteed to do when we suck at dating.

You Don’t Give Anything Away

The entire point of dating is getting to know someone, in a more than friendly way. You know, in the hopes of liking them enough to spend infinite amounts of time with them.

So, if you’re upping the ante on being aloof, to the point where you’re still a complete mystery after two dates, you might have a problem. They’ll probably just assume you don’t want to reveal anything because you’re not keen.

Go Hard Core From The Get Go

This is on the other end of the spectrum to aloof. This is also how those thriller/ horror movies you love to watch start. If you go too hard core with the feels when you barely know the person, it’ll probably scare them off before they even get to see how great you are. Minus your over-bearing qualities, that is.

Go On A Rant About Your Past Relationships

Any sentient person on a date will be able to tell you’re not over your ex. And one thing we tend to do when we have feelings for someone is talk about them. Mix it all together and yep, you’re at the restaurant table talking to your current date about your (insert chosen expletive) ex. There’s no saying that you can’t talk about your past whatsoever, after all, most of us are products of it. But there’s a line when it comes to dating. Just try to play it cool and leave the story about how your ex is the worst for stealing the last piece of pizza that one time, out of the conversation.

You Self-Sabotage

This is probably one of the most common things we do when we suck at dating. What makes things worse, is we usually self-sabotage when everything is on track and all dandy. This is usually about the time where we let our date (who is stellar) that we’re not too sure if this is working out. Then we’ll proceed to give some half-assed excuse, probably involving our workload and how drastic it is. Just so we don’t have to take all the responsibility for being horrible.

You Think Too Much About The Dating Guidelines

Guidelines and etiquette are a good thing, trust us, but there’s such a thing as going overboard. Usually we can get way to invested in the intricate details that we forget to not act like robots on a schedule. If you want to text them to say that you had a nice time on your date, do it. You don’t have to wait 48 hours. As long as you keep it simple, you’re on the right track.

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