This Dead Whale With 40kg Of Plastic Bags Inside It Is The Slap We Need To Ban Single Use Plastic

Found washed up on a beach in the Philippines, this Cuvier’s beaked whale was vomiting blood before it died. Scientists are saying that the whale died of ‘dehydration and starvation’ after it was found with a whopping 40kg of plastic bags inside its stomach. If you’re still guilty of feeding into the market of single use plastics, consider this the slap in the face you need to stop immediately.

Darrell Blatchley, a marine biologist and environmentalist, has been photographed sorting through the carcass’ stomach which was overflowing with grocery bags, banana plantation bags and general single use plastic bags.

Since most major Australian supermarkets have pledged to ban the use of free single use plastic bags at the checkout, it’s estimated that 1.5 billion bags have been prevented from entering the environment. Following the pledge, the nation has experienced an 80% drop in plastic bag use. This is obviously a fabulous result to what was initially, an extremely controversial topic.

The ironic discovery on Global Recycling Day is a chilling reminder of the harm plastics pose to our environment. Single use plastics make up 50% of the litter found in our oceans and frankly, this is a totally avoidable tragedy. If you’re guilty of carting your 5 grocery items to the car with a plastic bag, this is your wake up call.

Skip single use plastics. The environment shouldn’t have to pay for your sheer laziness.

Image Source: @CNN Twitter, @CuddleEarth Twitter, inhabitat. 

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