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This Instagram Account Lets You Online Shop And Support Drought-Affected Aussies At The Same Time

@buyfromthebush is bringing gems from rural Australia to your doorstep.

NSW and southern parts of QLD are currently facing some of the worst droughts ever recorded. Dam levels are seriously low and many rural towns are predicted to run out of water in the very near future. Rain in these places is patchy at best and our government is still yet to put an action plan in place that is effective at managing what water is left.

Keeping a small business afloat is difficult at the best of times. But for Aussies doing it tough in drought-ridden areas, it must seem near impossible at times. Good ol’ social media has pulled through to help in supporting the livelihoods and passion of artisans and craftsmen from the bush.

From the tiny town of Warren in central NSW, the idea of @buyfromthebush was born. Grace Brennan started the Instagram and Facebook accounts to give businesses and people struggling in drought-affected areas a way to connect with us big city peeps who love beautiful things made with love.


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We are reluctant scrunchie lovers. Hooow can they be so cool again? And why were they sooo bad last time around? These stunning velvet numbers ($7) are made by a year twelve student, Georgie, in Chinchilla, QLD and the colourful/floral armful ($15 lots available!) are from Cate in south-east Riverina, NSW. Both are available to buy from @wattleandtwine via their online store #buyfromthebush #christmasshopping #christmas #drought #droughtrelief

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So How Does It Work?

Small businesses in drought affected areas only have to tag the account or hashtag Buy From The Bush to get a cheeky feature from the account. If you find something made rurally you love on here, it’s just a simple DM slide to the tagged business or visit to their website. There are some seriously gorg things on offer and who can resist a cheeky online shop?


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Do we need a comment for a good lippy or does the idea just speak for itself? Can never have too many. Ever. Available for $19.95 from @riverandgrain in Deniliquin, NSW. Message them directly to purchase. #buyfromthebush #christmas #christmasshopping #drought #droughtrelief #stuffthedrought

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The drought is having a massive toll on our farmers, but we don’t really hear about the peeps in these communities that are suffering too. @buyfromthebush is a fab way to keep rural shop doors open and keep spirits up in the worst of times.

The account only sprang into action two weeks ago but is already a serious hit with almost 60k followers on Insta. There are heaps of cute lil accessories as well as homewares and clothes on offer so do ya self a favour and chuck them a follow.


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We didn’t know we had a thing for bathmats until we saw these delicious things from @merchantcampbell in Yass, NSW. They are made from recycled saris, no two are the same and can be used for a wee little floor mat for your treasured pet too. They are available online for $20 at or just message them directly on insta/fb! #buyfromthebush #christmasshopping #christmas #drought #droughtrelief

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Image sources: @danielcgold (Unsplash), @buyfromthebush (Instagram)


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