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This Killer App Sends You Concert Alerts Based On Your Saved Music, And Yes Pls

Just in case you didn’t have enough gigs to go to as is.

Amidst all the career hustle, lack of affordability for general life stuff, and worries of the environment’s future, there’s one thing that keeps us sane; music. Whether it’s a big banger that get’s you amped for a night on the town, a teary ballad that gets your over that ex, or a classic sing along at a gig, we live for the beats and chords that make our collective lives worth living.

And on the back of Spotify’s extremely shareable Wrapped 2019 (and boy were there some iconic Wrapped playlists), there’s an app you need to be across if you aren’t already. Whatslively is a fab little app that plugs straight into all those musical algorithms, to serve ya the best live gigs and festivals in town.


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Dreamville talent @earthgang announce debut Australian shows, thanks to local promoters @wearebbe. Tickets on sale this Thursday, we’ll send a special reminder notification 15 minutes before sale time to our app users.

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WHAT’S THE CATCH I hear you screaming. Well it’s really just the solution to a problem that a live-music tragic wanted to solve. The company’s Co-Founder Trishanth Chandrahasan said that he and the team at Whatslively ultimately just want to get more Australians out to more live music.

“We believe in the power live music has to entertain, uplift and bring people together, and we don’t think people experience it as much as they would like,” he said.

“You’re surrounded by people who share the same love for the artist as you do, no matter what race, age, or beliefs you have – you’re all there together for the same reason,”

And let’s be real here for a sec, we bloody live live music as a generation. In Australia, 40 million people go to live music gigs and concerts every year – even if things like lockout laws have tried their best to bring the industry down.

“For us, live music isn’t just a leisure activity, it’s more profound than that. It’s seeing an artist live in the flesh that you normally listen to on your headphones, or in your car, that is important to you,”

So how does this musical madness work? Well basically you sync your Spotify, Apple Music or Soundcloud with the app, and it then sends you notifications when an artist you actually listen to, announces a concert in your city – before tickets go on sale. BEFORE!

It’ll also show you all the gigs happening in your area, whether you’re just in the mood to check out something tonight/on the weekend, it’ll list every gig going on for your musical pleasure. Saucy.

What I personally really just vibe with Whatslively though is their community. They’ve got over 100,000 social media followers – led by over 70,000 on Facebook. They literally break every piece of live music news online too, from Ultra’s latest line up release, to Stormzy’s massive Oz tour in 2020, right through, to general news in the music industry.

And that social media following it super loyal, too. Just go have a look at the comments and shares on every single post online. Not only that, but in a society based on reviews these days, they have plenty of positive vibes from people who use the app.

With over 1.5 million concert notifications sent so far, you’re bound to find out about some fab and fun gigs happening near you. So get moving and start making some new music memories.

If you are a proper music lover (or aficionado perhaps) we seriously recommend downloading the Whatslively app. It’s all completely free, and I personally suggest following them across their socials, esp Facebook. Download it via the App Store and Google Play – and get gigging!

Images: Supplied, Gabrielle Clement

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